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WordPress Website - All information that you should need

A 2021 data says that WordPress has touched the 30% mark, which means more than a quarter of websites running on the World Wide Web. Gaining a loyal user base and scoring skilled developers who bring better features to the system around the year are the most remarkable achievements for WordPress. This post is dedicated to new and regular WordPress users searching for updated ways to run a WordPress website.

Prelude - Getting familiar with the concept of domain names

The domain name helps your users to identify your website. Therefore, it would be best if you did not confuse it with the URL. In actuality, domain names are a part of URLs. The following examples can give you a better idea about this. "https://www.mywebsite.com" - here, "mywebsite.com" is the domain name, and the entire liner is the URL. Focusing on the domain name and picking it up carefully is extremely important because this is how your users will refer to your website.

How to pick up the right domain name?

The top tips from the experts always suggest that you should always keep the domain name short and easy to remember so that your users can recall it quickly. However, executing this job may look daunting enough. Moreover, if your brand name consists of proper English words like "fresh eggs or trendy shoes," you may probably find that the domain name is already taken.

But due to this, you can't dispose of the idea of keeping your brand name in the domain name. After all, it's branding that matters the most. In such cases, you should go for the option of picking up a domain name that comes with a suffix or prefix along with your brand name. The last but most vital tip is never to infringe on any copyright with your domain name.

Purchasing a domain name

Buying a domain name is a hassle-free process. All you need to do is find a good domain provider and proceed with the purchase process.

Understanding Hosting

There're many beginner WordPress enthusiasts who often get confused while comprehending the difference between domain and hosting. The situation is almost similar to the city parking garages where you can find cars for sale. Apart from storing your car there, you can also buy a car from the same garage.

Hosting works like that garage where you can store your website files. On the other hand, registering a domain name allows you to gain legal ownership of a portion of internet real estate.

Defining Wordpress.org & Wordpress.com

It’s not an unusual thing to face some difficulties in understanding the distinctiveness between wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

To gain a solid understanding of this, first, you need to make out what WordPress is. In a one-liner, you can say that WordPress is a free, open-source software package. Wordpress.org can be defined as the central location of WordPress software. When required, you can download it, get involved in putting your queries or answering that of the others, view the documentation, and more.

When it comes to defining wordpress.com, you can say that it’s a service offered to the websites that use wordpress.org to run. WordPress allows you to sign-up free and develop a fully functional, responsive website. You don’t need to pay a single penny out of your pocket to use the WordPress software. However, using the file hosting and management of the software requires a justified amount to be paid.

Hence, it can be said that Wordpress.com is the perfect pick for those who are willing to taste the waters and get started with WordPress with minimal fuss; Wordpress.com is the ideal pick. From advanced customization, integrating your domain name, and managing your hosting to making your site live, WordPress makes everything exceptionally convenient.

How to install WordPress?

When you have a managed WordPress host, you can install WordPress by filling out an easy form. For premium accounts, there’s freedom of adding multiple WordPress installations to your account.

For shared or VPS accounts, there are two choices available when it comes to installing WordPress. They are:

  • One-click installation
  • Manual installation

Most hosts offer convenient WordPress installation tools that size down the amount of work while installing WordPress.

Creating a database on WordPress

Do you want to create a manual database in WordPress? Well, it's never rocket science! First, you need to download WordPress and upload the files to the domain's folder. Once done, you need to create a database and point your browser to the domain. When you're done with this, several on-screen instructions will appear. Follow them to complete the process.

To make your job even easier, the WordPress Codex comes with a comprehensive installation guide. In addition, it aims to provide you with assistance while creating a database.

Selecting a theme and plugins - The very first step to developing WordPress websites

Developing an aesthetically appealing and fully functional WordPress starts when you pick up a suitable theme along with the best-fit plugins. While themes simplify adding the visuals for the pages, plugins execute the job of testing them.

While choosing a theme, you need to keep in mind that code quality impacts the agility of the website. This, eventually, regulates the user experience. While choosing a plugin, you need to consider the type of your website as they work hand in hand with your theme to control the backend activities.

The most common WordPress website setups


One of the most liked WordPress website setups in this decade is, undeniably, wooCommerce! It enables you with almost everything that is required to start an about-of-the-box online business. From beautifully aligned product pages to perfectly integrated payment gateways, you will have access to all the necessary accessories to run your e-store with the desired level of agility.  

Social network

Surprised? Well, it doesn't matter how surprising it sounds, but it's true. WordPress empowers you with the customizations that are required to create your social network. The setup is technically named BuddyPress. The best part is, most of the features that BuddyPress offers are identical to Facebook. Following is the list of those exciting attributes.

  • Groups
  • Activity Streams
  • Profiles
  • Notifications
  • Private messages
  • Friend connections and so on


This is perhaps the oldest yet most used WordPress setup. If you are into blogging and looking for the best way to showcase your talent, you can do it by creating a WordPress blog and making it live on the web.

When you have gained an adequate understanding of how to get started with WordPress websites and other different aspects, let's give you several logical reasons to encourage you to get a WordPress website.

Why should you get a WordPress website?

The benefits of getting a WordPress website are innumerable. Following are the most considerable ones among them.

Easy customization

A recent statistic says that around 35% of the people using WordPress don't have any web designing or programming knowledge. From this figure, it's understandable that WordPress is the perfect solution for non-tech-savvy folks. In addition, there are many free things available in the WordPress library, which are extremely easy to customize. They come with convenient option panels that allow you to alter colors, change the background, build appealing sliders, upload logos, and more.

The best part is, you don’t need to write any code for executing all this.  In addition, you are free to add custom functionality to your WordPress website with the help of plugins. These plugins work more like apps for your websites that enable you with access to advanced attributes like membership panels, contact forms, analytics, and so on. You can find numerous new plugins in the WordPress library.

Security and safety both are guaranteed with WordPress

WordPress is the most secure platform for running a website. It helps you to protect your site from intruders and keep your data safe.

Search engines like WordPress websites

Leading search engines like Google and Bing find WordPress sites easy to crawl. The reason behind this is the standard compliance high-quality code and semantic markup of WordPress. Due to this reason, WordPress sites always tend to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages. Apart from that, you can also use free WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your website further.

WordPress is compatible with various media types

The cache of WordPress lies in its versatile approach. Its built-in media uploader awards it with the eligibility for managing audio, video, and image files. Additionally, WordPress supports oEmbed enabled websites that allow you to embed tweets, Instagram photos, Youtube videos, and Saavn cloud audio. All you need to do is to paste the URL in the WordPress editor.

With WordPress, you are always a free bird

Since WordPress is free software, it never stops you from downloading, installing, using, and modifying for free. In addition, you’re also free to use any of your preferred domain or hosting providers and install it to WordPress.


You can use WordPress in various ways to build appealing and responsive websites. Be it a business WordPress website, an online store, a reseller website, or a blogging site, with WordPress, everything comes in handy, and you don't need to hit your pocket much to own a website.

When it comes to talking about the performance and usability of WordPress websites, they’re fully functional, user-friendly, responsive, and search engine optimization friendly.

Moreover, you get access to everything as a complimentary treat except the domain and hosting plans. So, what is stopping you from getting a WordPress website? So, get your hands dirty with building a WordPress website today and grab your online identity!

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