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WordPress Hosting - Read what you need and how much it cost

When you try googling 'WordPress Hosting', the results may leave you overwhelmed. There is numerous information available; however, finding out everything under a roof may look challenging enough. To make your job easy, this post jots down almost every detail that can help you develop a clear understanding of the concept, application, and types of WordPress hosting. Keep reading!  

Primary components of a website

While starting the journey of creating a website, you need to take care of three primary components. They're - domain name, hosting, and the build of the website. While each of them holds equal importance, hosting works as the basis that determines how your website performs. Due to this reason, it's more than essential to pick up the right hosting before you get your hands dirty with creating a website.

What is WordPress hosting?

To understand the concept of WordPress hosting, you need to know about hosting in general terms. Simply put, hosting refers to the physical attribute of the website where all your site data is stored.  

The types of hosting services are enormous. However, not all of them come with the desired level of performance efficiency required for a WordPress website. So, it's always a wise idea to buy hosting from a hosting provider that specializes in WordPress.

Why should you get good hosting?

As said before, hosting is the performance determiner of your website. Apparently, it looks like all the hostings offer the same solutions, but the reality is different. Hosting can influence almost every aspect of your website, so it's of utmost importance to understand the different types of hosting and choose the one that can cater to your website's performance-related requirements.  

Factors that hosting can influence

As hosting acts as the foundation of any website and keeps everything in place and order, it can leave an undeniable impact on different elements of your website. You need to keep in mind that it doesn't matter how aesthetically appealing your website is or how well-written its codes are if it takes forever to load.  

A recent report says that more than 45% of people prefer to leave a website if it takes more than two seconds to load. Following are some of the most vital factors that your hosting can influence.


Hosting is responsible for setting the tone when it comes to talking about website performance. An example can make the picture even clearer. Suppose you have beautifully designed a website and tested all the parameters to make it work optimally. However, you experience several issues like content loading, scalability, and page clarity after going live. The reason behind this may be the poor server performance and location, larger traffic, and outdated WordPress plugins. However, when you choose the right hosting, you can, fortunately, skip the said issues. Numerous WordPress hosting providers allow you to pick up the server location, automatic updates, and scaling options. This looks even more helpful when your website deals with huge traffic.  


Hosting plays a significant role when it comes to ensuring the security of your WordPress website. Sucuri hacked website report says that around 37% of hacked WordPress sites carried an outdated WordPress version. When you choose the right hosting, you may avail automatic WordPress updates ensuring the updated installations, which enhances the security of your websites.

WordPress hostings - Types

Considering the requirements of your website, you can look into different types of hostings. Usually, most providers offer more than one solution. Following are the most common ones amongst them.  

Free WordPress hosting

There are free WordPress hostings available; however, their cons greatly outweigh their pros. Free hosting plans usually come with issues like low security, small disk space, limited support, and so on. So, if you are willing to use it for core commercial purposes, it's better to go for paid hostings and enjoy hassle-free services.  

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server or VPS allows you to avail your own virtual server environment. When you get a portion of server resources and share the server with other users as well, you cal it VPS. When your website grows quickly and experiences a considerable number of visits, using a VPS is recommended.

Managed WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, managed hosting refers to that particular type of hosting which gets you covered with all the associated technical parts, including security, back-ups, updates, speed, up-time and more. Managed WordPress hosting is possibly the best solution for every WordPress developer.  

Shared WordPress Hosting

When you share your hosting with a lot of websites, it indicates that you are using shared hosting. It's the most affordable and most used solution for WordPress developers. The ideal fits of this type of hosting are the small websites that require many resources to work smoothly.  

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

This is the premium solution that allows you to get physical hardware along with its location. It takes care of every little technical stuff that goes into a website. This type of hosting is an ideal fit for those who have a huge website with a heavy traffic load and carry sufficient experience with servers.

Picking up the right WordPress Hosting- All that you need to know  

Now, when you know the types of hosting, it's time to understand the ways to pick up the best-fit WordPress hosting. You need to take care of a handful of essential parameters. It will help you even better if you are not proof the technical stuff.  

Start with a site evaluation

The process of looking into the hosting parameters starts with a thorough site evaluation. To evaluate your WordPress website, you need to consider the size of the site, the number of visitors, and the type of your website. Apart from that, you should also consider a set of other factors, which look like the following.  

  • Your development skills

Are you new to WordPress development? If yes, you should always go for picking up a hosting provider that facilitates you with the best support tools. If you have hands-on experience in developing WordPress websites and consider yourself an adept developer, you can go for advanced hosting services that come with innumerable customization options.  

  • The potential traffic volume

It's one of the vital facts to remember that every hosting can't handle heavy traffic. While choosing the plan, you will be able to check how much traffic your hosting plan can deal with. So, in case you are expecting quick growth in the said traffic volume, you need to make sure that your hosting plan covers you with sufficient scalability options.  

  • The type of your website

Is it a simple blog website or a huge e-commerce one? Figure this out before purchasing your WordPress hosting. The type of the website determines its size and requires relevant hosting.  

  • What about the backups?

When it comes to talking about backups, most WordPress hosting providers usually offer integrated backup solutions. However, the difference lies in the frequency and span. So, be clear about this before going ahead and investing in a WordPress hosting plan.

  • Budget matters

This is probably the most vital consideration when it comes to choosing the hosting plan. There are ample budget-friendly options available, which get you covered with almost every basic need of a website. However, if you're looking for more advanced features, you must go for budget relaxation then.  

Don't forget about the generic parameters

Apart from considering all the said factors, it's also important to check for a few general parameters.  

  • Security

The term is quite broad; however, when it's about choosing the right hosting, it's vital as well. The security factors include features like malware scanning and removal, automatic updates, site protection, and many more. Check well if your hosting provider covers all this or not.  

  • Caching

The process of temporarily storing the data of a website is called caching. It omits the need of downloading the data repeatedly when you revisit a website. Caching plays an inevitable role in improving the site’s performance. Make sure your hosting provider is good at this.  

  • Uptime

You can define uptime as the way to measure the time when the hosting system works uninterruptedly. If you don't have a sound knowledge of development, this factor may look quite complicated. However, there's nothing to worry about since it's not rocket science. Moreover, understanding the concept of uptime is essential as it makes your website run smoothly. You can measure uptime in percentage. For example, when it shows 99.9% uptime, you can correlate it to eight hours, forty-five minutes, and thirty-six seconds per year.

Apart from considering the concept of uptime, you need to take care of the contrasting concept, i.e.', downtime. There're a lot of tools that can help you measure the downtime effortlessly.  

  • Additional offerings

Suppose you are developing your website intending to turn it into your online business card. In that case, you need to be extremely careful about your authenticity. Fortunately, good hosting providers like Dreamhost, Bluehost, Hostinger, and Hostgator allow you to develop a robust and authenticated online presence. The other features allow you to get sets of emails that carry your domain and URL. For example, if you have created a website abcservice.com, with your WordPress hosting plan, you will get a specific number of professional email accounts like info@abcservice.com, enquiry@abcservice.com, and so on. Naturally, this will help you in developing the desired trustworthy web presence for your business.  


Finally, in a nutshell, it can be said that choosing the right hosting service provider can award you with a flawless development experience which later results in getting a fully functional and aesthetically appealing website. Be it a beginner web developer or a professional WordPress development service provider; great web hosting can help all in making the most out of the development work. 

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