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Using WordPress e-commerce is the best way to present your business in the digital era. Start your WordPress e-commerce website now to maximize your profit.

WordPress E-commerce - Steps to create E-commerce website

Using WordPress eCommerce is the best way to present your business in the digital era.  

Commerce, a word that originated several centuries back, includes exchanging goods and services on a large scale. As history tells, it all started with a system known as the barter system. In this system, people exchanged goods for goods. But as time changes, these exchanges start taking place with money and later with digital cash.  

As we see today, the world has turned into a tech habitat. To grow and expand the business's consumer base, going online is a need. The primary step for turning online is to build a website of your own. Using WordPress to build your online identity is an easy choice. Its plugin and theme architecture is known to be better than others.

Making your understanding much better, we have covered some essential topics that you should know before starting your online journey.

So what are eCommerce websites?

Ecommerce means electronically showing your business on the world wide web. It involves the transfer of funds and data and much more electronically between owner and user.

Ecommerce started in 1960 when it was used to transfer documents between two business corporations. By 1990 minimal growth had been seen. However, after the evolution of portable devices like phones, the rate increased more rapidly. It started through email and phone calls, and now websites. These websites act as an online portal that facilitates the online transaction of goods for funds.

Types of eCommerce websites

With variations based on their dealings and functions, further subdivision of eCommerce differentiates them into four subcategories.

Business-to-Business (B2B)  

In Business-to-Business websites, the transaction only occurs between companies with bulk orders.  

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

In business-to-consumer websites, the transaction takes place only between companies and consumers.  

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

Consumer-to-consumer websites only allow the transaction of goods between consumers without the interference of any business. It includes transactions related to second-hand purchases.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

Consumer-to-business allows consumers or individuals to provide goods and services to the business. It includes freelancing services.

How does eCommerce work?

eCommerce is a type of commerce you might find its function quite similar to physical stores. The only difference both of them have is the location.

The journey of your online shops starts after setting up a website with an additional plugin like WooCommerce.  

After the complete construction of your online store, it becomes fully accessible to the users. Then the website works in these steps to make you communicate or provide services to the users.  

Users can see the product name, price, and image of the products displayed for sale. When they click on that, other details like the production description, more pictures, and the delivery details. These details help the user to get complete information about the product going to be purchased.

After the user decides, they click on the buying button. This button redirects them to a form. This form consists of crucial information including, identification, shipping address, and payment details.

After submission, notification of the product delivery date is given either through mail or SMS.

If the users did not like or get the product, they can get a refund or return through the website.  

The users also get notifications regarding the sale or any event held on the website. In addition, their mail address also helps to give personalized ads.

Is WordPress good for eCommerce?

According to reports, around 30% of the total creation of eCommerce websites is on WordPress. With several website tools in the market, WordPress outstands them due to its easy steps. Even a non-web developer with basic knowledge of WordPress can easily create his online store on WordPress with ease. Moreover, WordPress eCommerce site is known to be mobile friendly as well.

Here are the top 5 benefits that make WordPress the best choice for eCommerce.


There is a drastic change in cost for creating a website over the past years. WordPress is the most cost-effective content management system. The main reason behind its value is its structure.

The structure provided by WordPress features a variety of design features with its free and affordable themes and expansion with its plugins. Thus, making its value perfect for the money spent.  

Quick and easy to use

Giving a better and easy process than its competitors is one of the reasons for its high usage. With its dashboard, you can easily create posts, customizing and install a plugin of your choice. With only prior knowledge of WordPress, users can get a site set up in minutes.


Regular designing and upgrading your website represent a positive approach to your business. Due to WordPress flexibility, you can customize your website at any stage in the designing process. The customization process includes the usage of its affordable themes and plugin support.  

The theme which you selected at the start focuses on what we needed at that time. But we should ensure putting highly adaptive ones that grow with our business expansion or future changes.

Search Engine Optimization

With higher rankings in search engines, your traffic increases. With increases in traffic, the sales conversion rate of your products also increases. Your basis of initial traffic focuses on how organic is your search engine optimization. WordPress is known for its SEO-friendly ability. Many WordPress eCommerce themes also come with blog post features.  

Using this blog, e-commerce sites can rank for keywords usually typed by people who need answers to their everyday problems.  It also ranks high due to its clean and constant code, which makes search engines effortlessly read them. This ease of reading of search engines led them to rank higher. Other than that, the meta tag feature also fine-tunes your website SEO capability.


WordPress responsive capabilities are essential while considering your website to perform on multiple devices. An unresponsive theme can also be changed while applying several plugins. These plugins not only make them responsive but also enhance them. While choosing them, you should also be careful regarding the selection as search engines also take that as a variable while ranking.

Its design with its affordable themes and vast variety of plugins makes it a value for money.  

Steps to create a WordPress eCommerce store

To start a WordPress eCommerce store, you have to follow several steps given below for the outcome to be perfect.  

Naming your website

When creating a website, buying a domain name is required. A domain name plays a prominent role in the traffic of your website. The name is preferred to choose according to your niche. For example, a food restaurant names its online store domain as "foodmall.com".

Web hosting

Web hosting is a place or memory where all your website data is stored. You can find tons of organizations providing their services. Choosing any one of them will direct you to the membership section, where you can select the period according to your preference.

Installing WordPress

After selecting a domain plan, you could easily click from their web panel to install WordPress. Again, installation would be a one-click download.

WordPress plugins

To download plugins, the first thing you should do is to login into your WordPress dashboard.

Now after going to the dashboard, select plugins. A search bar will come, where you can search your desired plugin.

After installation of the plugin, a wizard would run, which would install it. So now you can use the plugin.

Installing and activating a theme

Download the desired theme according to your choice. After that, you will be able to see a zip file.

Then, you login into the dashboard and select appearance-> themes.

Now you can add new start customization after the installation process ends.

Best web hosting service to choose

There are plenty of web hosting platforms, everyone assuring to be the best. A hosting service is the base of the site, containing all its data. Choosing the wrong one either might waste your money, your online store may not be secured, or steal all your creative ideas. To help you out, we have listed you, the top 3 best web hosting providers for building your website.


Bluehost, a Utah-based company, is always known to rank top in the web hosting charts. The starting price of its service starts at $2.75 per month on a three-year contract basis. In its subscription, you get to see an automated setup for WordPress. In addition, it has regular security updates. Apart from these services, it is also known to have the best customer service experience.


iPage, popularly known for its cheap plans, is a China-based web hosting company. The membership includes basic plans starting at $1.99 for three years and goes up to $7.99 on renewal. It provides all primary services like template-based site builders and a free web store. The main limitation that occurs is a six-page lock, which means you won't be able to create more than six web pages while using its service.


SiteGround is a Bulgarian-based web hosting company established in 2004. Its membership starts at $3.95 per month with a one-year contract. The best feature about it is to provide the SSL certificate included in the membership. Providing the certificate doesn't only change the traffic but also make users believe that their data is safe while paying. 

Which is the best Commerce platform/plugin?

BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce are the top best commerce platforms on the online medium. However, all three of them are tough competitors, with a minute difference between them. This difference makes it hard for users to differentiate between them for setting an online store.  


In the final top-performing eCommerce platform, BigCommerce is one at the top. Its interface tries to appeal to tech geeks as well as first-time users. Its drawback comes to light when the beginners try to do some complex activities apart from normal usage. But still, it casts a variety of options and features. Its packages start from $29.95 per month to $249.95 and much more.


Shopify is designed only to host eCommerce sites. However, it includes every feature that an online shop should have, ranging from multiple payment options to discount or coupon codes.

It lacks limited customization, a generic look, and high transaction fees. But still being a dedicated eCommerce platform, it's known to be best for social media marketing and user-friendly interface. The price starts at $9 per month to $40,000 per month.


WooCommerce doesn't work as a platform itself and is known to be the best plugin for WordPress. So its advantage purely depends on WordPress.

Its downside includes having no bond with hosting and additional research for finding the perfect plugin. However, as it's a WordPress plugin, its customization and marketing are known to be the best.

There is no cost occurrence, but you might have to spend on themes, additional plugins, and hosting.  

All the three are great in their own ways

Prioritization of each one is according to our needs. Like WooCommerce for branding, Shopify for just opening a generic business, and BigCommerce for large-scale projects. So the selection mostly depends on your personal preference.

Top 5 WooCommerce plugins for growing your eCommerce website

Keeping an online store often charges penalties with GDPR and CCPA. To safeguard from them, we should always make sure to use legal pages. WP Legal Pages is a popular WordPress plugin with more than 200k downloads. It provides legal pages in a matter of a few clicks. Both paid and free versions are available, which you can choose according to your preference.


Mail marketing is the most prominent part of digital marketing. Optinmonster is a plugin that displays intent popups regarding forms. It has a free version that provides basic conversation, whereas the paid provides enhanced popups. In addition, they have affordable plans starting at $9 per month.

Humcommerce: CRO tool

Tracking user engagement provides the best ideas to improve traffic. Humocommerce A CRO tool helps to provide data regarding their movement and flow insights. Apart from these insights, the addition of exceptional optimization is also there to change viewers into buyers.

MailChimp for WooCommerce

The more your subscriber base, the more you grow. MailChimp is the best mail communication plugin that enables you to list and send masses of emails. In addition, its integration with WooCommerce lets you make tons of newsletters and contact forms, providing you with proper communications with your customers.

Yoast SEO

SEO plays a prominent role in the development of your eCommerce business. Therefore, Yoast SEO is a must-install plugin. This plugin helps you with SEO-friendly content, XML sitemaps, and much more. The best feature of it's to provide the best SEO-based template while publishing your content.


When everything is online, why isn't your business?

Doing this step will make you maximize your profit to the best extent. If you are creating a site to sell digital as well as physical products, WordPress would be the best to do so. Even if your budget is low, it provides the best affordable themes, free plugins, and starting from basic won't require hiring a web developer. It has everything you need to start from scratch.

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