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What is software development?

Believe it or not, you use software day and night in your life. From snoozing your alarm in the morning on your phone to calling your loved ones over your phone to everything that you do on your electronic devices, it is all made possible through software development. It would not be wrong to say that the world runs through software. As defined by IBM, "Software Development refers to a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software." However, your favorite game and your PC do not run by the same type of software. There are three types of software:

  1. Application software(apps): this is the widely used software type. From Amazon and Instagram to TikTok and Youtube, all these are application software.
  2. Programming software: essentially used by programmers or coders, these tools help in compiling and debugging codes.
  3. System software: this includes operating systems like macOS, Linux, Windows, etc.

What is the software development life cycle?

It is the method or process of creating software. To give a basic idea of how software is designed, look at the following 6 phases:

  1. A problem is identified. This can be done through feedback from customers, industry experts, and coders.
  2. After identifying the problem, possible solutions and the risk that they may cause are identified. The solution with the lowest risk is carried out.
  3. Design specification: a plan is designed, and the stakeholders give feedback on it. This is a crucial phase because if this goes wrong, the whole project may collapse.
  4. This is the stage when the actual development happens. Every team member writes the code assigned to them. To make this step easy, a blueprint is created before assigning tasks to each team member.
  5. The code is tested to check if it meets the original requirements. If there are any issues, it is rectified.
  6. At this stage, the software is sent to the production team to launch the code to customers. The software is maintained from time to time for a better customer experience.

Some examples of SDLC are the Agile model, iterative model, and waterfall model.

What do software developers do?

A typical day in the life of a software developer's life may include the following:

  • Writing code that is customer-centered
  • Analyze and understand the needs of customers
  • Test the codes written
  • Create flowcharts as a part of SDLC and build diagrams to instruct programmers how to write the code
  • Finding out bugs and fixing them
  • Collaborating with computer specialists to make the software better

Qualification required to become a software developer

It is always a good idea to be a computer science graduate to become a software developer. But a degree alone will not land you up in a high-paying company like Amazon or Apple. Even the students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Information Technology know the importance of hands-on experience. So let us see the ways you can become a Software Developer:


A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.

Internship and workshop

Software development is not a theoretical subject, so to become good at your job, you must have good experience, and the best way to gain experience is through internships and workshops.

Online courses

Getting a formal degree in Computer Science can cost you a lot in your pocket, so another way of learning software development is through online courses. Go on Google and search for some good courses. This is a highly efficient way of reaching your destination.

Employers of big tech companies have confirmed that they give more importance to the candidate's experience over the degree that they possess while hiring a software developer for their company.  

Who employs a software developer?

Software developers have more scope now than ever. Be it small or big; every shop wants to launch its apps similar to Amazon to offer a better customer experience. Every student's dream is to work with giant technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook. It is your choice to work with a larger company in larger teams or with a small company with a relatively smaller team. You can even look for a job in your locality.

Following are the major employers of software developers:

  • Engineering services
  • Software publishers
  • Finance
  • Computer systems design

Suppose you are thinking about the working environment of a software developer. In that case, it varies from company to company and also whether you are an entry-level developer or a senior-level developer.  

In a Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science, you learn many computer languages and hard skills that are useful in various types of jobs. For example, you may take up a position as a:

  1. Web developer: design web pages, construct the back-end of a site and its front-end appearance.
  2. Computer programmer: write code for computer apps, check for bugs and fix them, test programs.
  3. Software developer: design computer applications, direct programmers to write code.

Skills required to become a software developer

It can not be denied that to become a software developer, you need to be very good at Computer languages and other technical knowledge, but to apply that knowledge, you will work in a team where you will be dealing with your seniors and juniors. Therefore, to give your best work, you must have good soft skills along with hard skills.  

As a software developer, the following hard skills are desired by employers:

  1. JavaScript: it is a high-level interpretation language and is one of the core technologies along with HTML and CSS
  2. SQL: it stands for Structured Query Language. It is used to communicate with a database.
  3. DevOps: it is a combination of development and operation. It enables the companies to market the new functions and products quickly.
  4. Python: it is a general-purpose, high-level programming language used for many functions like data visualization, game development, and data analytics.
  5. Software engineering
  6. ASP.NET: it is open-source software that allows creating websites using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

Some of the soft skills that a good Software Developer possess are:

  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Problem identifying and solving ability

Career prospect

Generally, people ask if a software developer is different from a software engineer? While Software engineers apply engineering principles to create computer programs, software developers design and implement the programs. It is predicted that from 2018 to 2028, the world will witness a growth of 21% in software development jobs. This is the career path of a software developer:

Junior developer

This is the beginning of your career after getting hired. You should have the ability to write scripts, understand the expected life cycle, and basic understanding of databases.  

Senior software developer

After a few years of experience at the junior level, you would be promoted. At this level, you must have the ability to write complex codes and a clear understanding of databases and app lifecycle development. If you don't want the management post, you may spend your career at this post.

Lead developer

You would be expected to lead junior and senior-level developers and programmers at this post. This is the beginning of your management career in Software Development.  

Software development manager

You should be able to manage teams of developers, hire and fire developers. You have to keep track of workflow and report it to a senior manager.

Chief technology officer

The responsibility at this stage is to manage the senior and mid-level managers. This position has various names like Director and Vice President. They make long-term strategies, goals, and accountability for all the departments.

How much does a software developer make?

The median annual wage of a software developer was found to be $110,140 in May 2020. To see the wages industry-wise, click here. Again, the payment majorly depends upon the industry, company size, office location, your experience, etc.; with experience, your salary will only increase and not otherwise. The journey from a Junior-level developer to Chief Technology Officer is not a cup of tea and is not very common. Only your knowledge, soft skills, and uniqueness can make this a successful journey.  

We have covered it all, from what software development is and how it is done to become a software developer and the expected salary. This blog will create awareness about what it takes to be a software developer and give clarity upon how your day would look like. Most of the time, software developers are overburdened, and it is all due to the increasing demand for their services in recent times. 

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