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What is Social media marketing? Social media marketing is a marketing strategy to build a brand, increase sales and attract website traffic through social media.

Social Media Marketing - The fastest trend to grow

Nothing else could reflect this new digital age better than social media. These days, the growth of social media is the fastest ever trend that humanity has ever witnessed. The majority of the population might feel that the escalation of the internet was the most accelerated event. But, the surprising fact is, even the internet has bitten the dust in this aspect. To give you a virtual graph, consider the rise of the internet, like the angle at which flights take off, whereas social media's ascent would be more like a spacecraft.  

Now, think of a practice that deliberately seeks the adoption of new technologies. Of course, it's marketing or advertising! The growth of social media has completely disrupted the way marketing used to be. In today's world, businesses can't keep their head out of the water without implementing social media marketing. However, this isn't surprising as social media statistics give a high-pitched shout of their significance in terms of consumer reach & engagement.  

According to Statista, there are 3.78 billion active users on social media platforms, and the numbers might touch the 4.41 billion mark by 2025. Do you know what the total population of the world is? Approximately 7.9 billion, and more than half of them are on social media. More surprisingly, around 90 percent prefer to follow their favorite brand/brands' social media accounts. Therefore, it can be said that social media marketing is complicated or maybe impossible to dominate with any other marketing methodology.  

By any chance, if you are amongst those who haven't yet settled a grip on the beauty of social media marketing/advertising, you must be wondering why! This post will take you through every inch of social media marketing and its impacts to help you build a robust presence using such channels. Be it a new business, or maybe you plan to opt for social media marketing as a career, this hand-crafted write-up covers it all. If you want, you could fetch yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy reading this piece as it's going to make you visualize success. Let's start!

Social media marketing: What is it all about?

Before exploring the avenues, it's an excellent idea to decipher what social media marketing or advertising is all about. Well, to define it in a one-liner, it's a marketing strategy for a brand to captivate and engage with prospects, leads, and customers over social media. However, it's true in the core, but there's a lot more to it.  

In the good old days, social media was considered a medium for publishing relevant content to catch the audience's attention. However, the game has changed now! Nowadays, social media platforms are used for tailor-made strategies, highly dependent on statistics such as customers' activities, location, job, age, interest, engagement, etc.  

Unlike some other marketing mediums, a social media marketer doesn't need to derive these statistics using a third party as a buyer. So, how do they fetch it? Well, social media itself is the key to the same. Besides, there's a bouquet of marketing/advertising activities to delve deep into the statistics required. Live event broadcast, competitor monitoring, metrics are some mere examples of such activities.  

Social media marketing- The strong points

From the practices mentioned above, you must have concluded how beneficial social media marketing could be, especially when you have full liberty to play the game with appropriate data. However, there's more in the show, so let's dig deeper!

A magnet for driving in traffic for a brand

Gone are the days when websites alone would help to grow a business digitally! Any business requires sales and customers to survive and to fetch the same, social media acts as a knight with shining armor. A report from HubSpot stated that almost 92% of marketers claimed that social media marketing could be the maker or breaker of a business. Additionally, 80% of the same audience said that social media marketing is a blessing to increase traffic on websites.  

Awareness is cut from the same cloth

Growing awareness comes before traffic with social media marketing. How's that done? By showcasing who you are and what you offer! But how do you do that? By invading the channels with infographics such as pictures, infographics, or videos.  

Well, there's human physiology behind this, and to some extent, it's also a reason behind such tremendous growth of social media marketing. A human brain can process visual inputs 60,000 times faster than words. Therefore, we fetch 90% of the information through visuals.  

Social media marketing is a safeguard on expenses

Though the potential is imperative when talking about marketing using social media channels, it doesn't hurt one's bank. The tracks are free to use; however, implementing paid ads would incur expenses depending upon one's need.  

However, it'll be worth it with fast and high returns on investments by enhancing engagement & conversion. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there's more to extract depending on the marketers' course of action. Check them out!  

  • Faster customer support
  • New avenues to sell and promote products
  • Building up loyalty with audiences
  • Improvement in search engine rankings
  • High conversion
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Hence, it's easily comprehensible how vital social media marketing is to get a bigger slice of cake. Now, as the growth of social media opens the door of opportunities for a brand to market themselves, similarly, there's a thirst for social media marketers.  

Therefore, to gain a robust career in the social media marketing industry, you need to excel in it and discover the options available. But, unfortunately, as social media being an immense and integral part of any business, social media marketing/advertising career opportunities have turned into mammoths.  

Choosing social media marketing as a career - The reasoning behind

Being a social media marketer comes with plenty of lucrative and supportive reasons. Want to explore them? Here they're!

A harmonious relationship between your passion and work

Previously, work and passion didn't have any links with each other. However, with the rise of social media, the differences have become bound to compromise, with several career options awaiting. Who doesn't love to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any such platform? And maybe, you're already an active user posting stuff to engage and impress your network. Now, will any other job entertain the same while you're working? Of course not! But with social media marketing, you get paid to grandeur the beauty of these platforms with your marketing skills.  

Diversified career opportunities

A career in social media is not restricted to a particular designation but offers diversity. Besides, the journey is more like a roller coaster ride as you will experience lots of ups and downs while applying your marketing strategies as an amateur. However, in such events, you gain a vast range of practical knowledge and, of course, opportunities to take a gander and career growth.  

Furthermore, organizations around the globe have evaluated the essence of being connected with their communities, and a social media marketer ( maybe you are going to be the next) is the one as a helping hand. Listed below are some of the career options in social media marketing/advertising.  

  1. Social media marketing manager
  2. Social media marketing executive
  3. Social media marketing analyst
  4. Social media marketing specialist
  5. Social media marketing coordinator
  6. Paid marketing specialist
  7. Social media marketing copywriter
  8. Social media marketing associate

The industry is shining like a sun awaiting individuals to unleash and adapt the power of the glimpse and be the moon.

A remuneration for making you smile

As discussed earlier, the industry will continue to boom, and so will you as a social media marketer. All you need is knowledge, skills, ideas, creativity, and professionalism to convey you, and organizations will welcome you with a pay envelope that will be worth your efforts.  

According to a report laid by, an average social media marketing manager's salary is $105,102 in the United States. Generally, the range falls between $91,868 to $120,206. However, there are some associated factors that organizations rely on while making an offer, such as education, certifications, years of experience, and other additional skills.

Some key skills to get your hands dirty with

While you are on the verge of choosing social media marketing as your career goal, get yourself accomplished with some mandatory skills. Listed below are the following.  


There's always written content (promotional or non-promotional) to accompany social media posts with an intent of marketing. Every article you see around when scrolling through is one kind of copy. Besides, the nature of copywriting varies with vast possibilities. For example, you can choose to be a digital copywriter, creative copywriter, or SEO (search engine optimization) copywriter, whatever fascinates you.  


The content is just one of the key ingredients for your success recipe, while the other is analytical skills. As discussed at the beginning of this article, marketers use data and information to implement marketing strategies. Therefore, an ability to decipher, track and study information becomes inevitable. There is no other option than analytics to understand whether your content resonates with your audiences and can increase engagement. However, to help you with this, many social media networking tools are available to avail your insights.  

Knowledge of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique to bring the visibility of a website into the limelight. It involves various practices to raise a website ranking in the unpaid results of the SERP, or Search Engine Results Page. This is relevant to your social media marketing, too, as Google takes social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others as one of the considerations while determining to rank a website. Therefore, with a higher reputation and genuineness of the website and social media accounts comes merrier results.  


In actuality, social media marketing is more like an art rather than just a skill. It's your creativity that will keep you shining and stay a step forward than your competitors. You already know how Earths' gravity works, right? It keeps us stuck to the ground. Similarly, in social media marketing, creative visuals are the element that acts as a gravitational force to draw audiences towards itself, which eventually results in increased engagement. Therefore, it would be best to make your brain think of inventive methods to engage with your audience in a relevant way.  

Organizational skills

To lead a successful career in the social media marketing industry, organization skills play a notable role. After all, a social media manager is responsible for content management and coordination of the same with its dependency on factors like goal, audience, and platform. Therefore, it's vital to brush up on organizational skills to nurture how you communicate with your audience and measure interactions.  


So, if you love to create, analyze, and communicate, social media marketing can be the best career option for you. In every turn, it will allow you to celebrate your passion, and against that, you'll get myriad lucrative earning opportunities. In addition, if 9-5 is not your cup of tea, you can also work as a freelance social media marketer. In such cases, the sky's the limit in terms of earning! So, create brands, dream big and live a blissful life as a successful social media marketer!

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