Sales Marketing Manager

Sales Marketing Manager

Sales Marketing Manager

Accomplishing the objectives of the business is one of the most important jobs of a sales marketing manager. All businesses need someone who will oversee the market before a product or service is offered. In addition, to survive in this competitive world, we need sophisticated market research to identify the market's viability.  

Who is a Sales Marketing Manager?

A sales marketing manager has the responsibility of the research in marketing opportunities of a company. He is also involved in the planning of sales, hiring the sales team, and setting the marketing guidelines for the team. His responsibilities include finding the best advertising strategies that work best for the product. He is the one who takes the decision regarding the price and makes descriptions of the product. He has to overlook both the sales and marketing sections of the business.  

The sales marketing manager acts as a liaison between the company and the customer. So he must be good at communicating and giving a good impression about the company to customers.  

Responsibilities of a Sales Marketing Manager

A sales Marketing Manager is involved in different tasks in a company, and he is the one the members of the marketing team look up to. A successful sales marketing manager has abilities in interpersonal relations, leadership, and communication. The following are his responsibilities:

  • He is involved in introducing new products into the market.  
  • Searching for the best mediums like billboards, social media platforms to post advertisements
  • Brainstorming ideas for marketing strategies that will reach the appropriate audience.
  • Advises finalizing the quality and property of the product so that it sells the best  
  • Adopting the best price for the product according to the market so that it gives a good price for the value
  • Preparing the estimated budget that is needed to promote and market the product on different platforms.
  • Setting up plans regarding marketing opportunities, observing market trends and competition.
  • Suggesting improvements in the product and service according to market standards and efficiency.
  • To fulfill sales and marketing human resource objectives, recruit, train, schedule, coach, and manage marketing and sales teams. He sets the goals, give recommendations, and reviews the performance of each member of the team.
  • He has to determine the overall profit and turnover from the advertisement campaign.  
  • Gather information about the market and use the detailed data for reference. He devises strategy and projects the product's sustainability in the market.
  • Identify areas where the product can be profitable according to the competition and the trend.
  • To communicate and coordinate with managers of other departments to deliver the best results for the company
  • Observe customer's feedback regarding the product and improve the service or quality according to their suggestions.
  • Respond to customers' needs and help them make better use of the product.
  • Need to be aware of new opportunities available in the market through research, attending workshops and seminars, and making business visits to other companies for marketing and sales ideas.

Skills required to become a Sales Marketing Manager

  • Must have at least 4 to 5 years of experience in marketing and sales. Experience in management is also preferred.
  • Be daring and adventurous and open to any new ideas that could be useful for incorporating into a product.
  • Must be a very communicative, extravert, energetic, assertive individual.
  • Must be persuasive and motivational. These are the qualities that are strong indicators of a good salesman. But these qualities should not be overdone because customers may get insulted and lose their trust. There should be strong qualities in the product to back what you as a sales marketing manager convey to customers.
  • Has strong determination to complete the task of satisfying customers.
  • Ability to work in any environment and adaptability to unexpected circumstances.
  • Must have completed the required education to get the basic skills required to become a sales marketing manager.
  • Has qualities of a team leader. He is expected to lead his team in his field so that they can perform their best. Since he must train, recruit and oversee the team, he must be well furnished with the desired experience and detailed knowledge about his field of expertise. He must have the ability to identify skill sets in recruits.
  • Accuracy: Since he is also managing the marketing and sales budget, he must be very accurate and must be accountable for every detail.
  • Must have the skills of copywriting and proofreading
  • Capability to identify and define audiences through research and data analysis
  • Good at coordinating events and product displays
  • Managing websites and social media posts.
  • Monitor performance of the marketing crew

How to become a Sales Marketing Manager?

To become a marketing manager, you must possess all of the abilities and experience that a firm requires. Therefore, to apply for a position as a marketing manager, you must finish all of the required courses. In addition, you need to complete the following:

Getting a Degree:

The most significant qualification needed to be considered for the position of Marketing Manager is a sales marketing degree. While a degree does not guarantee that you will become a successful leader, it does indicate that you are well-rounded and capable of handling a leadership role. Therefore, all employers seek this minimal educational qualification, verifying that you have completed a 3- to 4-year intense marketing school.

A Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business Administration, or a similar subject is required of most marketing managers. In addition, marketing research, public relations, consumer behavior, business law, management, economics, finance, computer science, mathematics, and statistics are some of the most common subjects.

Many universities offer these subjects online, so you get admission into one of them instantly. For example, Arizona State University is one of those. Courses cover mathematics for business analysis, communication, business, marketing, and business management.

Gain Early Work Experience

Barely accepting a degree certificate is no more the trend for employers to select workers. They need more than that. They will look at your resume and ponder whether you have the desired expertise to fulfill their expectations. They will examine every detail about you and your background so that they may not be selecting the wrong job seeker. The more experienced you are, the more will be the chance for you to get the job. Only 12% of marketing managers have less than five years of experience in the area, and only 4% have fewer than two years.

The first thing to do as soon as you finish your degree and relevant education is to get your hands dirty as soon as possible. You should not sit out and relax, and things may come back to you harshly. Your first job may get you a small income, but you will get the desired experience essential to take you into the real practical world of sales and marketing. Work at any entry-level job for 2-3 years and then apply for new opportunities at another company. By doing this, you can improve your portfolio in front of interviewers and provide the work sample and job description you have worked on.

Upgrade your skills by getting a Master's degree

You can up your skills by completing Master's in Business Management. This will give you knowledge regarding business fundamentals and leadership skills. Managers who completed this level of education have a higher chance of being promoted to top-ranking positions.  

The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) can certify you as a Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL). This CPSL is great for getting you a designated top leader sales position and arm you with the best skills in the market. This is a 45-day program enough to make you a psychological driver of the team.

Get a Professional Sale and Marketing Job

A marketing management degree may lead to a variety of employment opportunities. Personal interests and abilities, as well as long-term professional ambitions, influence a person's decision. These are:

  • Market Research/Analysis for Brand Management and Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Advertising
  • Consumer Research
  • B2B marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on selling to other businesses.
  • Marketing in the Retail Industry
  • Marketing that is high-tech (management, marketing, and sales of tech products like computers, software, system services, and other aspects of the high-tech industry)
  • Consulting on Marketing

Traits requirements to be a successful Sales Marketing Manager

  • Need to have a basic understanding of what makes a successful manager
  • Have a thorough grasp of great salesmanship and what it takes to sell at a high level.
  • If you become a sales manager, you are responsible for hiring and developing recruits, so you must be well equipped to be a sales manager. According to Kevin Ovalle, Vice President of Frank Recruitment Group, "A successful manager is someone who has a deep appreciation of what makes a great salesperson, and who is willing to put in the time to foster those proficiencies within their team."
  • Be responsible as a Team player: Must be particular about the performance of the team. Accountable for the success and loss of the company. Must think beyond his duties and work for the success of the team. A successful manager is not someone who performs well individually but someone who has worked for the team.  
  • He must be a good leader. He should act as a mentor to those who follow his direction. He leads by setting examples. A competent manager boosts team morale and improves team coordination and cooperation.
  • Maintain discipline about work completion.
  • Ability to accept constructive criticism. He is open to any criticism and suggestions and ready to accept mistakes. This helped him grow as a manager and sharpen his problem-solving skills.
  • Always stay updated on current events regarding the market changes.

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