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The current ongoing era is the most technical one that has ever existed. This not only creates the great opportunity to help job seekers to aspire to become the best in something more than most others that there are, but it also lets new companies start a new kind of business.  

The process of finding jobs in these times has changed drastically from how it used to be before. The epidemic of COVID-19 has changed the lives of the way people used to work and those who wanted to get their work done. Not getting in physical contact has made the job holders and the job providers transition to online methods.  

This has made the process of applying for jobs and looking for employees relatively easy as well as efficient. This allows the employer to properly check up on the applicant's resume through his/her online portfolios or social media accounts.  

This has also created a boatload of jobs for new graduates and those who are skilled and experienced in their respective fields. In addition, this allows the job seekers to display their resume and career information to any business all around the world despite their country of origin.  

Best online jobs

There are thousands of job profiles in the online job-seeking marketplace. Some jobs require graduate and even higher education degrees for applicants, whereas many job profiles require no kind of higher education degrees. Instead, they are given to anyone who has the required skills to perform that job properly. Some of the best and in-demand online jobs in the marketplace are stated below:

Data entry operator

Data entry operator is a job profile that demands its designated holder to consist of certain skills rather than higher education in most cases. This is a job that anyone can do if he/she has a good and stable writing speed. The roles and responsibilities of a data entry job holder are:

  • Being consistent with typing speed. This is one of the must-haves that any sort of data entry operator job requires from its applicant. Being constantly fast while typing data is the main job and the only thing that a data entry job holder needs.
  • Being focused. Data entry operating is all about entering data from one kind of document format to another without changing its meaning or any information stated in it. This is way easier said than done as this requires a lot of mind presence and the ability not to get distracted easily.
  • Being able to meet deadlines. Providing the work you're assigned to before the given deadline is one of the essential things to look out for, no matter which field of work you are in. Staying consistent and being punctual with providing are the most important parts.
  • Looking out for grammar errors. Making sure that there aren't any grammatical errors after changing the format of the assigned document is the base work of a data entry operator. He/she doesn't have to make the document brilliant but just grammar satisfactory.

Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is all about making multiple sources of income rather than a mainstream income source, as that takes much time to become. Getting the job of an affiliate marketer can be for you if you already have a social media account or website that gains enough traffic for you to refer other products for your viewers to buy. The main roles and responsibilities of an affiliate marketer include:

  • Having good influencing skills. The main job of an affiliate marketer is to influence its viewers or reader to buy the product that he/she is sharing the referral link to. This is one of the most important roles of an affiliate marketer as, without any sales from your link, there will be no money for you to earn.
  • Being patient. Consisting of being patient is one of the hardest challenges for anyone and a daily workload for an affiliate marketer. As the sales don't just happen in a day, week, or even a month. The probability of someone clicking on your affiliate link and buying something is as much as finding a coin in the bushel.
  • Having the ability to convince others. Convincing others to join in a company's program or an affiliate program so that you and them can both earn simultaneously is not an as easy task. As most of the time, either they lose hope in the program or you do.
  • Having the right set of instincts. Being able to properly insert a link on the point in your article where the reader is most likely to click on it or insert the links on the right timestamps in your ad video is a skill that very few people have that matters the most.

Content writer

Content writing is one of the best jobs for anyone fluent in the language that he/she intends to write content. Some employers who want a content writer want those who graduated or have any kind of higher education, while many employers just want those skilled in their craft and can provide them with the right content. The roles and responsibilities of a content writer include:

  • Being fluent in the language that he/she wants to write content in. Fluency in a language is a must-have for anyone who aspires for a career in writing. This is necessary because you just can't state your thoughts clearly if you aren't experienced with a language.
  • Making sure the written content is free from any kind of grammatical errors. Grammatical errors are very awkward to read and create a certain break of the reader's flow while reading, which makes them give up reading and hence, leave the webpage.
  • Knowing about how SEO works. SEO plays one of the most important roles in getting the website the required traffic to increase at a steady rate. Not embedding the required amount and the right SEO keywords in content will eventually lead to not performing its best.
  • Having sample works. A writer without sample works just has no proof of his/her claim of being fluent in their language. Having sample works to show to the possible employers will allow you to be confident of your claims and the employer being satisfied with you being a sincere worker.


When OTT platforms such as Netflix, amazon prime, Disney plus, HBO max, etc., rule over the world's entertainment industries, the need for translators is huge. The content released on these websites is meant for people worldwide, but the problem with that is that every different place has a different local language.  

This is the part where translators come into the picture. Translators convert the needed file to the language that they are being asked to. The main roles and responsibilities of a translator are:

  • Translating the asked document without changing its meaning in any sort of way. Making sure that the meaning of the sentences does not change even after converting it into a different dialect is one of the most important translator tasks.
  • Making sure that there are no grammatical errors in the translated document. Grammatical errors disrupt its reading flow and hence, make it way less interesting to read and useless for entertainment purposes.
  • Making sure that the word count of the translated document does not go overboard the original document. This is a very important point to keep in the note for any translator. Interpreting the meaning of a sentence exaggeratedly violates its word count.

Best platforms to find online work

There are thousands of online platforms that allow clients to connect with an applicant without any middlemen between them. While there are so many of these platforms, the best platforms for finding work are not many. Some of those best platforms to find work are:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. LinkedIn
  4. People Per Hour


Finding a job in the technological era that is currently ongoing is neither very easy nor very hard, but depends on many considered things. The job opportunities extend far beyond what has been stated in this article, due to which, at the end of the day, it's all up to you to choose your path of job.  

Companies search for the best job holder(s) that they can get, and mostly not on one platform only. The job profiles mentioned above are the ones for which you can find an employer online without putting much work into it. The best ways are stated in this article for you to find such online work to add to the career section of your resume.  

Working in a remote location can turn out to be the best decision of your life if you're comfortable in it and can motivate yourself every day to keep putting the effort into your work. The platforms and the stated skills that you need to score a gig for yourself on these platforms are all stated in this article so that you can find your dream job.

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