Marketing Positions

What are the different types of marketing positions? Jobs in marketing range from well-known online marketing to more traditional marketing positions.

Marketing positions - Everything that you should know

If you like helping communicate a message from a company to its customers, a marketing job is a great fit for you. From managing social media accounts and public relations to researching the effectiveness of marketing strategies and writing relative content, marketing jobs are varied and dynamic.

Marketing positions are used for career fields such as advertising manager, product manager, public relations officer, media planning, sales strategy executives, and many more. There are different types of careers for marketing degrees. If you're looking for a job in the marketing sector, you probably want to know what different types of marketing jobs are available in the field. From the social media manager to product manager, there are numerous marketing job options available to those who hold a degree in marketing.  

What are marketing positions?

A marketing career can include several different job roles. These marketing jobs can vary from famous internet marketing positions to traditional marketing jobs like televisions, radio, or billboard marking. The spectrum of different choices available is limitless.  

Your role at the company can vary based on the skills you have and the businesses' needs. Some of you may be working within social media communities where others might be digging through coding, while others may be specialists in running online advertisements. The job designation nomenclature may vary greatly from one company to another.

Depending on your job role, marketing careers can ask for industry-specific knowledge such as sales, consumer trends, marketing research, competitors analysis, and creativity, among others. Experience plays an important role in this field, but some employers might not hire people without related degrees.

It would help if you spent some time understanding the various opportunities present in marketing to find your best-suited niche.  

Marketing positions in organizations

As in all other professions, marketing jobs are available at all levels of an organization. You can start your career from an entry-level position, and based on your skills, commitment and luck, you can climb your way to the top. The marketing job positions hierarchy breaks down like this:

  • Specialist or coordinator (entry-level) marketing positions
  • Manager positions
  • Director positions
  • Executive-level marketing positions

Here are some examples of marketing positions in each category:

Specialist or coordinator (entry-level) marketing positions

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Social media coordinator
  • Project coordinator
  • Account coordinator
  • Event marketing specialist
  • Event marketing coordinator
  • Marketing Specialist

Manager positions

  • Promotions manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Sales manager
  • Brand manager
  • Community manager
  • Social media manager
  • Product marketing manager

Director positions

  • Director of Marketing Analytics
  • Director of Media
  • Director of Advertising sales
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Director of Marketing Research

Executive-level marketing positions

  • Chief marketing officer
  • VP of Brand Development

Specialist or coordinator (entry-level) marketing positions

Typically entry-level job positions in the marketing department have job titles like specialist or coordinator. These jobs are available in all marketing functions, such as public relations, events, or marketing. Education requirements may vary according to core profile, but degrees in communication or business disciplines are usually part of the qualifications.

Social media manager/coordinator

Social media is one of the biggest online marketing platforms these days. Social media managers work to strategize the best ways to use social media platforms for marketing.  

You will be responsible for creating engaging posts and other media content to communicate a company's news, thoughts, community relationships, and other information related to the organization's various stakeholders. As a social media manager, you'll be in charge of managing the social media accounts of companies you are working with, which could be on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Your job responsibilities involve:

  • Connecting with your customers.
  • Responding to comments and tweets.
  • Forwarding issues to concerned departments.
  • Creating and queuing up content calendars.
  • Social media coordinators try to engage with followers hoping for a relationship that promotes customer loyalty.

Digital marketing analyst

Being a digital marketing analyst, you need to analyze online campaigns and ensure that they meet the needs and desires of the company successfully. You have to focus on companies' current digital marketing campaigns. You keep your eye on the sales data as well. Focusing on the success or failure of a campaign, you have to figure out why certain things worked or not.

Email marketing manager

As an email marketing manager, you need to help draft emails that will attract customers, and they won't delete that email before reading. Your job is to maintain proper customer communication by sending emails at regular intervals and optimizing traffic.

As an email marketing manager, you will be drafting the emails, curating appropriate and relevant content, and collecting data about your target audience.

SEO analyst

It's very important to stay updated with new tools and strategies as SEO is volatile. To get higher visits on company websites, you need to work by using keywords strategically.  

Growth marketer

Growth marketers love to look at A/B testing (user experience research methodology) and conversion rates. If you love knowing how things transform from nothing to something or something even bigger, you are fit for this job. It is satisfying to see that you are helping your company or client grow.

User acquisition manager

In this job role, you'll be in charge of making this happen by creating and testing new campaigns and working with the growth manager of different campaigns. Here you aim to convert your users or customers of your company's brand or product.

This career is for you when you are passionate about analyzing data and creative about new ways to acquire more users.

Consumer behavior specialist

A consumer behavior specialist tries to get into the mind of consumers to figure out their needs and desires. By using their psychology, you'll analyze their purchasing habits. Based on your findings and analysis, you will determine future marketing strategies and hope to influence future sales and long-term engagement positively.

Market research analyst

They help to craft new marketing strategies, product development, and pricing. Market research analysts analyze what type of products people want and how much money they are ready to pay for them.  

Marketing specialist

Marketing specialists work as proofreaders to highlight their department's work, and they must make sure it appears in the right place at the right time. In addition, they activate the organization's various marketing plans as per the directions of senior marketing managers, directors, or executives for advertising, social media, websites, email, or other elements of the marketing mix.  

Product developer

A product developer collaborates with the marketing team for product development that consumers want to buy and at the price point at which they will buy it.

After taking feedback from the company's marketing experts, the product developer will modify the design to create a marketable product. Educational backgrounds in engineering and design are popular for this role.

Public relations coordinator

By acting as a liaison, a public relations coordinator helps get the word out in the press. They inform the public about media that highlights events, people, or products—working as a public relations coordinator, you need to share the company's story. You will assist in content creation and then passing it to the media. Their job is to get their companies' news and people featured in newspapers, television, or online media platforms.

Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, you work for the brand's positive image, which increases fame and sales. More than analyzing data, if you like to talk to people face-to-face, this position is great for you.  

Event marketing coordinator

An event marketing coordinator looks after every responsibility of an organization's promotional events, such as press conferences or receptions or events like trade shows or sales meetings.

Film and Video Editor

You have to help to make commercially viral videos from raw footage to the final product. You help to create marketing videos as a film and video editor. Your video will help your brand to get recognition, and this will increase brand awareness if successful.  

Content Writer/Blogger

Keeping up a company's content and blogs is nothing short of a full-time job. You have to find out several ways to create relevant and timely content that others want to read. Else you can recruit freelance writers and bloggers for content writing that matches your company's voice.


As a copywriter, you'll need to create influential text that communicates various messages about their organizations. The text is included in website landing pages, advertisements, social media content, blog posts, video scripts, billboards, online advertising, etc.

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you'll help design logos, charts, web pages, print materials, and much more. Without you, a website is just a screen with words. You can help to represent your company's brand and create images and designs that match.

Manager positions

You can move into a managerial role after having three to five years of experience as a specialist or coordinator. As a manager, you play a more directly responsible role in creating an organization's marketing plan. In addition, these positions are involved in developing strategies and organizational messages to be communicated to the public.  

Brand Manager  

A brand manager is in charge of creating and protecting a brand and the company's image. He is responsible for making sure that the brand resonates with consumers. The brand manager ensures that products and services align with brand values in every aspect before any ad materials or campaigns are released. All marketing messages should match the brand philosophy.

Communications Manager

Here you'll work with the company's public relations coordinators, copywriters, graphic designers, email marketing managers, and the rest of the team to lead them for successful communications.

Community Manager

Community managers work closely with social media managers; they help communicate with an online community to connect with current and potential customers and act as brand advocates.

Social media reaches those who have already known the company; community managers try to communicate with those potential customers who are not yet familiar with them.

Marketing Manager

You should look into being a marketing manager if you feel comfortable working with a variety of people. For example, you might be focused on taking care of the entire marketing strategy for the company.

It's your job to help sell your product or message and help those job positions that support you.

Product marketing manager

A product marketing manager is responsible for handling all elements of marketing for their products. They are responsible for developing promotional programs, building sales channels, setting prices, and designing long-term product strategies.

Director positions

As a director, you will lead the marketing team to carry out the work of the marketing department. To reach the director level in a marketing hierarchy, you will need 7 to 10 years of experience in a marketing department. In addition, you will need educational qualifications such as a master's degree in management disciplines like marketing, business administration, communications, or public relations. Director is responsible for creating and managing budgets, hiring and firing, and other tasks and taking control of complete strategy.

Creative Director

As a creative director, you'll take care of advertising and marketing campaigns and work with graphic designers, copywriters, and the marketing team for the successful execution of campaigns. In addition, you'll have to look after all creative activities of marketing strategy.

Director of marketing communications

Directors of marketing communications make sure that the ideas and plans of the larger marketing organization come to life. Their duties include supervising the production of promotional materials like marketing collateral, sell sheets, email campaigns, brochures, and videos.

Director of advertising

Lastly, it was the domain of print publishing, but nowadays, advertising managers also have experience in digital forms of advertising. They play both strategic and tactical roles. As a director of advertising, you will be looking after the launch of new campaigns by developing the proper message, budget management, vendor negotiation, and result analysis.

Director of corporate communications

Corporate communications directors must bond throughout the organization. They manage teams responsible for an organization's communication function, which includes both internal communications (for employees) and external communications (public relations, advertising, and social media).  

Executive-level marketing positions

To reach the most senior levels of marketing departments, you need a Master's degree in business administration or a similar discipline. It will take the experience of 10-15 years to reach the level of vice president. As a marketing executive, you will be managing all functions of the department. You'll be responsible for keeping budgets in control and outlining strategic guidance.

Chief marketing officer

The CMO is the head of the marketing department, who always gets the final say. The CMO works under the CEO and helps to communicate between the CEO and the marketing department.

A CMO looks after the creative functions of a company, such as advertising, public relations, social media handling, graphic designing, digital marketing, customer relationship management via email campaigns, signage, and much more. They must have a global outlook because large organizations work in other countries also. In addition, a CMO plays a role in presenting a company's messages to the public or investors.

VP of digital marketing

The vice president of the marketing department helps to develop a company marketing plan. He works under the CMO. To ensure success for the brand as outlined by the CMO, the VP works to create strategies and implements them with the marketing team. In addition, they motivate, train, and coach members of the marketing team.

On behalf of the organization, they are experts in moving the levers of the digital economy. This includes managing messages and branding on the internet, combining the benefits of social media, search engine optimization, and digital advertising. In addition, they are responsible for analyzing and measuring the effectiveness of currently running campaigns.


Marketing is a function that is needed in every company in every industry. As a result, there are a large number of career opportunities in the field of marketing. If you are interested in such marketing positions, you need to know what background is required. The position you'll take within the marketing department will certainly depend on your educational background and experience.  

Generally, a bachelor's degree in marketing is often necessary to get an entry-level marketing position. Along with the right educational background, they must possess certain skills, such as analyzing markets, following economic trends and developments, etc. In addition, as they work as a team, you must possess skills as a team player and as a leader. Finally, you will also need strong written and verbal communication skills to be an efficient marketing professional.  

As marketing can be done in several ways, these marketing positions open many different doors to you. Because of this, career potential and scope in the marketing sector is unlimited.

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