Internet Marketing

What is internet marketing? Internet marketing is an online marketing strategy for promoting the products and services of a business or brand over the internet.

Steps and procedure to master the Internet Marketing

We live in a world where everything and anything that you want to find is available on the internet. These vast open doors of opportunities are for countless people who are looking to find their place in the world of search-based content marketing on internet platforms.  

The population of the community of internet marketers has increased gradually in the past few years and due to many good reasons, which all sum up to making the marketer rich. Internet marketing isn't just a mode of marketing but is also a whole category in itself. It has many kinds of methods in itself, such as content marketing and email marketing.  

This also intrigues many people searching for a way to find or establish an online business of themselves to become a brand of their own. Content marketing on internet platforms is also a career in which individuals' success depends upon their hold over social media connections and how they manipulate their contest's SEO keywords.  

The process of it mainly consists of organically luring your potential customers into your online website through any of your lead generation strategies. To master the art of internet marketing, there are many steps and procedures that an aspirant needs to understand and the way of marketing that he/she chooses to move forward with.

Definition of marketing

Marketing is one of the essential parts of selling a product. Without telling potential customers about your product and creating awareness about it, your product would be as good as a non-existential item. Therefore, the need to find a good strategy to advertise your product on several platforms, whether online or offline, is quite a lot.  

Marketing is often referred to as the process that creates the flow between production processes by a company, and the consumption or utilization of that produced by a consumer. Marketing has been done by thousands of businesses that have ever existed on the planet, as it is required so that any company can create a brand value and name for itself.  

But since the start of the epidemic of COVID-19, everyone has been stuck to their phone, which has created a great opportunity for the marketing to perform online marketing.  

Roles of the internet marketer

The role of any kind of strategy taken for marketing, whether offline marketing, content marketing, or internet marketing, is to make sure that the advertising of a product is performed so that it reaches as many customers as possible. Similar to that, the role of online marketing mainly consists of attracting as much online audience as it could to the brand's website. But the role of it can be divided into two essential parts, which are:

  1. Creating new customers
  2. Cultivating loyal customers

Both of these roles are very important in themselves and require a huge amount of knowledge and experience in this job field to master. Getting along the line of both roles hasn't been a piece of cake even for the professionals themselves. This is to say that the roles that the explanation of these roles, that are mentioned below, should be read with the sole aim to understand the whole thing properly.

Creating new customers

This is one of the basic things that any internet marketer aims to do. The job of an internet marketer is to find or derive such a strategy with which new customers can be added to the list of previous ones. This is a very important craft for an internet marketer to learn. There are many ways by which an internet marketer can do so.  

No matter which strategy an internet marketer chooses to take to create new customers, some basics are common in all of these. These basics commonly include the part where the marketer has to place something in their web page that can attract the attention of the visitor as well as pique the interest in him/her. Some of these said strategies of creating new customers are as follows:

  • Marketing through emails

Email is the modern-day newsletters as well as the formal letters. Any email that is versed properly along with a catchy title can intrigue the reader enough to make him/her open that particular email in an instant.

  • SMM

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is one of the most widely used forms of marketing. This is because this method includes attracting visitors to a website’s landing page or advertising a product through ads that are shown in the social media timelines of users. This is ones of the best ways to work as a marketer as social media holds the biggest crowd in the world.

  • Marketing through content

Content marketing is one of the most famous ways to sell products that can intrust readers. The things included in the content as ads are somehow related to the content topic, the topic that the content is about. This is one of the most used ways by online marketers.

  • Marketing through visual narrative

If you’re someone who shares anything that you may find interesting, you know how much difference there is in the number of videos you share to the number of articles you do. This is mainly because the visual narrative is easy to understand and doesn’t require the brain to work as much as it does while reading.

  • Marketing through manipulating the SEO keyword positions

Learning about SEO and how to manipulate it to be utilized properly is one of the key jobs of an internet marketer. The search engines only give out a web page as the best result for a search made when the keyword about the topic that the web page is about; resonates with the search properly.

Cultivating loyal customers

A famous quote goes around people's mouths, and it goes like, "one loyal customer is worth ten new ones," and this is one of the best things that any internet marketer can follow. This is because after creating a new customer through any strategy of internet marketing, the challenge that comes after is how you can make that customer stay and use your website rather than moving to any other one.  

This is a very important thing to keep in mind as the competition in the market is more than it has ever been, and if you let your customer go, then there would be thousands of websites that would be willing to provide that client with better services than yours.  

If this continues to happen, then all your efforts at recruiting a customer would go in vain. To ensure that this doesn't happen, there are some ways that you can follow. These ways can help you understand what you need to do to make a customer keep using your website instead of hopping to another. Some of these ways by which you can create loyal customers are as follows:

  • Keeping them engaged. Making sure to keep your existing customers updated about the things that are changing in your website is an essential part of letting your customers feel like they are a part of something. This makes them want to continue being a part of their website. This can be done through the means of email, blog posts, app notifications, etc.
  • Making sure to award them for their loyalty. This is a very important part of the process of keeping your customer yours. This can be easily done by sending your existing customers some kind of coupon codes for extra discounts or giving them a freebie from time to time to keep them interested.
  • Wishing them the important days of their life. This is an important part of keeping an existing customer interested in your website by forming a psychological connection with them. Wishing them on their birthday or any other important day that they have mentioned while filling out the information forum of your website is a very useful thing to do.
  • Sharing interesting curated content about the information related to the topic or product that they have shown their interest in and embedding the link of your product or service page and it. This ensures that if that content succeeds in persuading the viewer, then he/she can easily buy that product or service directly from your website’s link.

Basics of the strategies

As mentioned in this article, some basics are common in all kinds of approaches that an internet marketer takes; it's about time that those common basics are to be discussed. These basics are one of the things in internet marketing that an internet marketer should master.  

Mastering these basics would create a strong foundation and allow the marketer to create variations in them so that he/she can create a basic website and premium at the same time. Starting with these basics in their chronological order, the list is as follows:

Designing a user-friendly website

The first and foremost thing to prepare while marketing through the internet is setting up your web page properly. This is the very basic thing to do as if there are any kind of glitches or problems caused to the visitor, then he/she would probably take no time to leave the web page.

Optimizing the website for search engines

This refers to embedding the SEO keywords in the back-end of your website's program so that it can perform properly on search engines. This is a very important thing to set up as if the SEO keywords aren't embedded into the back-end of your website; then it would not show up when someone will search for the keywords in it.

Arranging an online press release

This step is important for a good start of your website, this is because if an online web press covers a story about your web page, then there would probably be many of the press' audience who would like to visit your website and hence, increase its traffic.

Creating a blog

A blog is an introductory formality required so that the visitor of the website gets introduced and feels connected to the website and its creator. This is the very important part as a connection needs to be made between the buyer and the seller to organically spend his/her money.

Constructing contests on social media platforms

People love to join contests with prize money or any other perk that comes from winning it. This stimulus is very important for an internet marketer as he/she can create new website users by conducting a contest that allows many but only gives the prize to the top position(s).

Arranging PPC (pay-per-click) ads

Advertisements are one of the most important tools of an internet marketer. Making sure to spend some money in creating PPC through search engines is a must-to-do. PPC is a form of advertisement in which you are charged by a search engine monthly according to how much sales you make from each click that your ads get.

Rearranging the sites for conversions

This step comes after your website has reached a level where it consists of quite a few users.  This step is very important in converting your customers into qualified leads and customers will only increase from this point.

Creating a social media presence

After this point, where your website has managed to gain some customers, now it will be time to broaden its horizon. There is no bigger horizon in the field of marketing than the crowd of social media. This biggest community in the world consists of all sorts of people, and many of which can lead your website to success.

Joining in personalities

After getting on the boat of social media, you need to have connections with the people running that ship. That's where influencers come into the picture. Paying or sponsoring an influencer with a good amount of followers can prove quite fruitful for you as it can increase your website's traffic and lead to better sales and profit.

Create a community on a social media platform

Creating a community is very important when your website has enough customers that can be called a community when put together. This is a very important step as it is very helpful in easing your workload as many questions and queries about your website can be answered by the people who are already using your website.

Tools to use  

Now that every basic topic related to internet marketing has already been covered let's talk about making things easier when you're up for the work. Since internet marketing is done, well, on the internet, the tools that can help you perform this job correctly are present online.  

Tools have nothing more a job than increasing your work efficiency and saving your time. Some of the best tools that are out there for any kind of internet marketer to use are:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Canva
  3. BuzzSumo
  4. SocialRank
  5. Ahrefs
  6. TweetReach
  7. Trello
  8. GTmetrix

The tools mentioned above can help an internet marketer in many kinds of tasks such as SEO management, advertisements creation, PPC creation, and many more. Moreover, these tools are the ones that have been tried and tested by the very professionals of this field of job, which gives them the credibility of being used by anyone whose aspiration is to lead the world of internet marketing.  


The field of internet marketing has shown promise of growth in the recent past years due to the noticeable increase in the curve of the people taking up this field of job. This proves to be an assurance for anyone aspiring to become an internet marketer and take up the job as a full-time one, setting aside all the other works as part-time ones.  

As a result, this field has seen considerable growth in the competition in its category. But all that have succeeded in becoming successful in this field of job have told others numerous times that all it takes is hard work, patience, and the ability to adapt to the daily changes in the online world without panicking.  

This job sure isn't a piece of cake to start with and is even harder when trying to increase their followership. But if you're ready to put in the work and the time that is required, then this job could prove itself to be the one for you. If you can do that, then all the basics that you need to know about internet marketing, from top to bottom, are mentioned in this article, and the links to more resources for learning better. 

About the author

has been working as a web developer and in online marketing since 1998. After building up a marketing agency and the exit in 2013, he consulted international groups as a freelance consultant. Since 2022, he and his team now offer staffing services in this field.

Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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