What is the role of an influencer? An influencer is someone who has the ability to influence people to purchase a product based on what they use or recommend.

Influencer - Characteristics, Types and marketing platforms

The promotion and marketing of products are rising a great deal more than it has ever been. Through televisions, magazines, news outlets, street boards, etc., the conventional mode of advertising is now starting to lose its potentiality and power.  

With the advent of the internet, social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have shot up many folds in the past few years. As a result, many advertisements come into the picture, which provides new ideas and opportunities for businesses and creators alike to promote products and establish brand awareness.  

Who is an influencer?

According to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, an influencer exerts influence. That is a person who inspires or guides the actions of others. In general, an influencer is someone with massive followers or fans on social media who can influence people's decision to purchase a product based on what they use or recommend.

Popular amongst influencers include The Rock, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, etc. These influencers have audiences or fans on social media interested in the field or specialty in which they work or perform. Therefore, every word and every action they make in their public life can make or break the market value.

Who is a social media influencer?

Influencer marketing in the past was limited to celebrities. Nowadays, influencers from different fields worldwide who create content on social media platforms saturate the market. Using his knowledge, skills, and relationship with his followers, he can influence the purchasing decisions of his audience using only words.  

These social media influencers are experts who have a thorough knowledge of a particular niche or field. They upload back-to-back content related to that niche. These influencers are creators who upload content on social media platforms regularly. They may post their content on one or more platforms. Different influencers have different audience sizes. Companies approach these influencers to review their products and give their opinions.

What is Influencer Marketing?

So what is influencer marketing? You may ask. Influencer marketing is a marketing technique in which businesses pay influencers to discuss or evaluate their items in front of their audience through their content. Influencer marketing will boom in the next few years, with an estimated 370 million dollars will be spent on this.  

Because the audiences are interested in the niche to the items the influencer discusses, this form of marketing is highly intuitive and successful. When an influencer recommends a product, the audience is more inclined to buy it because they trust and respect the influencer.

How much do influencers make?

It is said that influencers can make an average of $3000 a month from promotions alone. Many influencers earn from several platforms at the same time. The micro-influencers may earn an average of $1430 a month. Mega-influencers with more than a million followers earn about $15000 a month. The income of an influencer also varies depending on their field of expertise.

What are the characteristics of a good influencer?

It takes time to be a good social media influencer. Many influencers started as a hobby. However, with time, these hobbies turn into opportunities. Unfortunately, some creators only upload videos or content about their day-to-day activities and never thought they could turn it into a business. Here we'll look at the top characteristics an influencer should have.

Be consistent

Influencers are content creators. To keep their audience entertained, they must post content regularly. They also have to make sure the content is engaging and of high quality. Some post twice a day, while some post once a week. Just make sure your audiences know you still exist!

Be personal

An influencer who can talk to his or her audience personally, like how they talk to friends and family in real life, is more successful in connecting and connecting with them and gaining their trust. This way, you'll learn more about your audience's needs and their suggestions.

Align to your niche

Influencers should not deviate from the niche. They should be consistently aligned to their niche. If your niche is to review phones, don't upload videos your audience is not interested in, like TV reviews.


It would be best if you made it clear to the audience that you've been through the same experience they have been through. This makes them connect better with you as an influencer.  

Problem-solving ability

People tend to follow someone who can solve problems they could not. Instead, show them what mistakes you've made in the past and how you've learned to solve them.  


People like to follow those who reply to their queries and their comments. This makes the follower engage with your content actively. By replying to them, your followers will feel that you care about each one of them. Being down to earth on social media is as important as in real life. Take them as your loyal friends.

Types of influencers

Influencers are categorized into four types based on their audience size:

  1. Mega influencers: Are people with an epic number of influencers. These celebrities have excelled in different fields such as sports, film industry, music industry, amongst all others. The best example is Christiano Ronaldo, who has the most followers amongst sportspeople at around 300 million followers. These kinds of influencers are working in collaboration with the worlds' biggest brands.
  2. Macro influencers: These guys have followers between 50,000 and a million followers on social media. They have a powerful social media presence and became famous. They work with a good number of quality brands that can pay them well.
  3. Micro-influencers: Now, these influencers are ordinary people who have specific knowledge about a particular field or niche. Their following ranges between 1000 to 40000 people.
  4. Nano-influencer: They are the influencers with the least amount of followers. They focus on highly specialized fields. Most brands consider these influencers too small to approach for promotions.

How to find influencers and how to pay them?

Are you running a business looking to find out new ways of promoting your products online? Then here, we will show you the most dynamic way of advertising your business to stand out among others.  

  • The first thing that you should do is research. The social media platform that you want to promote should be the first thing to keep in mind.
  • Through research, you will know which influencer is appropriate for your business. Decide the size of the audience you want to promote your business to. The more the audience size, the more will be the budget that you have to spend. If an influencer of 2000 followers is what you prefer, then choose that. Plan your budget accordingly.
  • Decide your goals. What is your target audience? Determine if the items you wish to advertise are aimed at a younger audience or are women's hair care products that appeal to only women. Influencers have very specific audiences who are interested only in one particular niche. That's why this type of social media marketing is target-specific and only shows to an audience that can potentially turn into customers.
  • Choose your influencer wisely. Some influencers may have a large following on their social media account. But you need to see if they have a high engagement rate. Again, you should know if they are active every week or two weeks. Check whether they are legit or just anyone who spams on their posts with fake likes and comments.
  • The next step is to find a way to contact the influencer. Micro-influencers are easy to reach. You can just message them directly in their account. For bigger influencers, directly messaging their account may not work, and they most likely won't respond. You have to do the solemn method of sending a message to their business email or phone number that they provide in the About section of the profile.
  • Contact the influencer. Some influencers may have engagements with several businesses. They may fail to post on time or may deviate from the script you have instructed them. So, you need to build up a relationship with these influencers to understand you, and it does take time.

How to track the promotion of your products?

You can share the affiliate code or link that tracks the user's activity with the influencer. The affiliate links that provide discounts on your products will very much work and succeed. For example, you are a web hosting service provider, and you want to promote your service by providing a YouTuber the discount link.  

Promote it like this YouTuber is teaching "How to create a website." The audience who followed the tutorial guide of the YouTuber will click through the link recommended by the influencer so that they get the discounted offer when they buy your service.

Influencer marketing platforms

These are platforms where influencers sign up and create an account on. Brands and companies come to these platforms in search of influencers appropriate for their marketing plan. These platforms help influencers to monetize their social media posts and reach out to their audiences.

This is how it works on these platforms. First, the platform displays a list of influencer profiles with their social media details and stats. Brands get to see the size of followers of each influencer and their niche. Second, the platform provides insights analytics on the impact of the marketing work done by the influencer. This makes it easy to track how impactful the promotion has done.  

The top influencer marketing platforms are as follow:

Influencer marketing agencies

Influencer marketing is not as easy as it seems. These agencies help recommend the right influencer for brands. These agencies help manage your influencer campaigns. These agencies have experts who know exactly what to do to search for creators. Their job is to meet the brand requirements with the right influencer. The following are a few examples of influencer marketing agencies:


Influencers have taken over the marketing world, and it is still growing. In this generation, people tend to research and watch reviews about a particular product before buying. When they come across an influencer who tested a product and gives a detailed opinion about a particular product, people can decide whether to buy based on their opinion and what they observed. These influencers are experts in reviewing specific types of items.  

If the influencer has a good view of the product and endorses it, the audience is more likely to buy it. In addition, he can raise people's awareness of the brand with simple words. The battle for likes and followers by both new and big influencers is increasing day by day, and the competition keeps increasing, be it Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. Though there are many sources to earn as an influencer, brand promotions remain the biggest part of income for the big and established influencers.  

In addition, many influencers earn a good amount promoting affiliate products on their account and blogs. If you want to be an influencer, you first need to choose your specialty, provide interesting content, and be consistent and regular. Then, never quit, and always respond to your audience. It takes a lot of effort to become an influencer. Acquiring followers and getting your audience to understand and connect with you takes time. So give it time, and you will see the result.

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