Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a promotional activity that brands execute with the help of influencers on social media platforms.

The effectiveness of Influencer Marketing campaign

We live in a world where we have several choices, even as small as newspapers or as big as an automobile. All thanks to industrialization and globalization, we now have a range of almost every type of product to choose from. With this level of the range comes a different level of competition, hence apart from quality, marketing becomes the most important function for the companies to perform.  

There are different types of marketing; it includes the likes of Social media marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing, SEO, traditional advertising, etc. With changing trends and expanded webspace, companies are inclining towards influencer marketing as, on average, businesses earn $5.20 with every $1 they spend on this marketing technique.  

What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a new type of promotional activity that brands execute with the help of influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Tik Tok, etc. It is a mix of traditional and modern marketing strategies that includes picking popular faces and using modern means of communication.

One can say it's a type of social media marketing with a twist of people involved in the promotion. This whole concept revolves around the term 'Influencer,' which is different from the traditional aura.  

Influencer vs. Celebrity

A celebrity is a term used for a popular face, whom masses love to different boundaries and mainly works in entertainment, sports, modeling, Christiano Ronaldo, Leonardo de Caprio, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, etc. In contrast to this, an influencer is a person who has built his or her audience by delivering content in a specific genre or niche on social media.  

Therefore, influencers hold a certain kind of credit towards their audience. Unlike a celebrity, anyone can be an influencer, a journalist, a tech nerd, a photographer, a travel blogger, etc., who work in their specific field and hold power to influence the purchasing power of their audience.  

Types of Influencers that brands may approach

Based on the volume of the audience

  • Social Celebrities

It is a supreme category when it comes to the level of influencers. People who have the following base of more than 1 million across different social media channels come in social-media celebrities or Mega influencers. Brands that are willing to pay a significant amount of money may approach social celebrities. Through their platform, the brand can communicate to a large audience compared to anyone. These influencers also have more influence when it comes to inducing the purchasing power of the people.

  • Macro Influencers

With a follower base of 100K-1M, macro-influencers serve the different levels of the audience that hold great trust in them to provide concise and important information about the niche. In addition, they charge a high sum of money for the credibility they enjoy over social media. Intending to execute an impactful marketing strategy, brands generally vote for macro-influencers.

  • Micro-Influencers

People who have an audience base between 10K-100K followers across social media channels are known as Micro-Influencers. They are more connected to their audience and aim to provide quality content about their niche. When brands want more synchronized and targeted marketing campaigns, micro-influencers are their bet.

  • Nano Influencers

Influencers who enjoy a following between 1K-10K followers across their social media platforms are termed nano influencers. They are basically at the growing stage and are quite consistent with delivering the content on a periodical basis. Therefore, small-scale businesses are likely to be approached as it will be a budget-friendly collaboration for the business.

Influencers based on different niches

  • Sports and fitness

It is rather one of the most popular niches that one can find content about on social media. Whether it is a nutritionist giving insights about various eating habits or commodities or a gym trainer sharing his or her experience about achieving one's true fitness level, it is always in demand. In addition, retired sports people sharing their opinion on the sport and bringing new facts to the table is also a category in which brands have a lot of faith.

  • Lifestyle

Lifestyle content creators create content that revolves around our daily life. They frequently post about money, family, travel, fashion, and other related stuff. Their content is more organic, and the audience tends to relate to the same. Because of the content and audience credibility lifestyle influencers enjoy, they get approached by various brands to market the products.  

  • Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging and Vlogging cover various niches like travel, food, daily life, music, challenges, etc. They hold a fair share of the audience on social media that eagerly waits for their content.

  • Beauty

Beauty is something everyone is obsessed with, and a person who has established a loyal audience base for which he or she is credible is very interesting. In addition, they share beauty tips and herbal remedies to keep that glow on one's face more alive. These influencers are the best bet for beauty and skincare brands to collaborate with for a marketing campaign.

  • Gaming

Gaming is a niche that is growing with each passing day. The current generation plays games just for fun, but they treat it as their profession. In 2021, Michael Grzesiek, the Canadian streamer, is now at the top on Twitch as far as popularity is concerned. Streamers can market the products like racing gaming mats, headsets, controllers, etc., in their live stream and on other social media platforms.

What can be done to Influence Marketing?

Like every other type of marketing, there are high possibilities of things that can be done under an influencer marketing tent. Some of these that people already witness on social media are:


This is a famous type of promotional activity that brands execute with the help of influencers in which the influencer unboxes a packed product offered by the brand. Viable to tech-related influencers.

Product review

It is an activity where an influencer uses the product on himself or herself and reviews it. Influencers mostly related to the lifestyle industry are seen doing these types of promotional activities.

Discount codes

Influencers promote and give certain kinds of discount codes to their audience regarding that brand. In return, brands sponsor that particular piece of content.


It is quite a popular activity under influencer marketing. The influencer announces giveaways on his platform for the audience after completing a certain task. It's like a brand is giving away free samples to induce demand for their product.  

Piece of content

Brands may collaborate with influencers to produce content that revolves solely around that particular product. Some may believe that it is similar to T.V advertisement. It has some characteristics of the same but is particularly made for the audience the influencer is credible for. In the case of Youtube, a piece of content can go up to 10-15 minutes.

How to create a successful Influencer Marketing campaign?

Like every other marketing strategy or method, influencer marketing greatly challenges planning and executing various procedures. However, to make your marketing campaign get your desired results, you need to make every step successful.

Those steps are:

Determine your aim and target audience

What do you want from your marketing campaign at the end? Ask yourself this question. According to that, set the required budget, set your key performance indicators, and most importantly, determine the type of audience you want to reach.

Social Media placements

There are several social media platforms you can place and execute your campaign on. But choose wisely as you'll find different types of audiences on each of the platforms. Along with your aim, the type of product you are marketing also tells you about its social media placements. For example, 67% of businesses and brands believe Instagram is an ideal platform for marketing.

Choice of the Influencer

Influencer marketing revolves around this terminology. Don't make a decision solely based on the number of followers, but also look at the type of content he or she is producing. The suitable influencer will collaborate with you for more than a single project. According to an analysis, 56% of the brands retain the same influencers for different campaigns.

Content management

Plan and manage your content with the help of the influencer. First, make sure that your content should match the results you want it to achieve. Then, come up with something new to make yourself stand out from the competition.


Optimize your content to get the maximum results out of it. Significantly promote your content before and after publication. Promoting the content before publication increases the hype for the same. Use the advantage of your influencer's audience base and market it properly.

Measure the results

Now, after publication and optimization of content, it's time to measure the results. Compare the results with the set goals regarding Key Performance Indicators you set before starting the campaign.  


With all the above discussion, it is crystal clear that influencer marketing is a promising form of communication that brands and businesses can use to grow their market share. Alone in 2021, influencer marketing is growing to a worth of more than $13.5 Billion. With increasing social-media space, it is only going to get big as a form of marketing. Like any other marketing method, it is not a sure tool to increase sales, but with new changes in connectivity, it is a great bet for brands.

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