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Google Ads is an online-based advertising program by Google. A certification in google ads will be the correct way to prove yourself in digital marketing.

Google ads - What is its use and benefits in advertisment

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to promote your product in the online world. With the increase of the internet user base, people found google to be an intelligent way for marketing. To figure this out, Google made a separate venture named Google Ads in 2000. It provided various digital marketing services ranging from product listing to pop-up ads on the pay-per-click pricing model.

Google gets around 2.3 million searches per second. These many searches certify its majority, making it an extremely effective way to drive quality and quantity-wise traffic.  

Along with its popularity, there also comes a chance of a career. A certification in it might act as makeup on your resume, making it look more alluring than before. But adding this makeup is not a piece of cake; it requires a lot of study and practice. Still, if you are passionate about it, no worries. We have listed every detail to help you out.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online-based advertising program by Google. It runs on a pay-per-click model. Based on an algorithm, it lets you showcase your ad only to those interested in them. This process helps to get organic traffic and also prevents the advertisement from annoying the customers.  

Usage for its service depends on various profits as well as the non-profit motive. According to reports, people commonly use it to promote business, sell products and services, raise awareness, and increase traffic on their website.  

Being managed online gives free access to creation and changes of it at any point in time, whether it's text settings or the budget of advertisement.

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads focuses on keywords. These keywords are words or a group of words that come with the intent of Search Engine Optimisation. Advertisers target a list of them relevant to their offerings. Usage of these keywords lets the ad display whenever the users search anything related to it. Payment mostly depends on the keyword and how many clicks does the ad gets.

Why use Google Ads?

AdWords works faster than SEO. The intake of multi keywords AdWords seems to perform better than SEO in terms of marketing and promotion. Other than that, AdWords perform faster in a shorter period. In the case of SEO, it's a hard road but with a long outcome. Along with SEO, you also need to have excellent written content with backlinks. But if you want high traffic, both are preferred.

Increase brand awareness

The most important thing required for high traffic is brand awareness. Google AdWords also imprints your brand image in the viewer's mind other than increasing the traffic or clicks. For certification of this statement, the conduction of this research led to an exact rate of 6.6% increase in brand awareness while using Google AdWords.

Ads on other Google apps

While using Google AdWords, you get to see the features of Gmail ads. In this way, a promotional ad appears in the user's Gmail app in either promotion or social tab. In addition, these ads run both on desktop as well mobile devices, making marketing options diversify.

Reconnecting visitors

Sometimes some viewers tend to visit your website without any action. This feature is known as Display Remarketing and RLSA campaigns. With Google AdWords, you get to see this feature. These ad campaigns remind the users quite often through displaying ads on the web screen. These ad displays occur differently for the users who have done some and who haven't done any action.  


After posting an advertisement, it's hard to configure its performance or result output. Being a cheap option, Google AdWords lets that happen. It informs everything about the ad. This information includes:

  • Users' information who have clicked on your ad.
  • The number of leads generated.
  • The traffic formed due to the usage of AdWords
  • Information related to every keyword, how much traffic and lead did it produce.
  • Expenses incurred per lead.
  • These details might look small, but every one of them supports a lot in future planning.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

The complete game-changer, google analytics help you more with the details of the users. These details are as follows.

  1. The duration spent by the users on each page.
  2. The quantity of the pages visited by the user.
  3. Bouncing rate of your landing page.
  4. More details of the new as well as returning visitors.

With these details in your hand, you can boost your marketing. It also helps select the best keyword according to the user's recent activity without affecting their privacy.

Fight with equality

When some users search for a similar keyword, the site with the ad pops up first. Whatever the quality of the content is, advertisement ranks them faster resulting in users to click them. To stand out in the competition, using Google AdWords will help. It lets you recommend websites, making competition with equality.

Is using Google AdWords beneficial for everyone?

Google AdWords is a great way to advertise your product, but did it work for all? Everyone does advertisements to impact their reach in some way or another. This reach might be either for profitable or non-profitable reasons.  

Before investing in Google AdWords, you also need to be aware of these criteria:

The mode of your audience  

If your audience is offline, google AdWords won't impact anything from ads display. So, knowing the audience mode would evaluate its worthiness.

Keyword search rate

Advertisers should pay attention to keywords. Keywords play an integral role in advertising. Knowing the trend and its search volume should impact a lot. If your product/service is related to a keyword with a search volume of less than 500, Google AdWords can't help much.


What we see, we purchase. The popularity of your industry may hugely impact your traffic. We should always keep a watch on whether our industry is popular or not. You can check it by knowing the content published by a high famed media house, whether it's a blog or article. If they publish articles more frequently regarding your industry, then there is healthy competition online.


After knowing the keyword, we should try to search for what people want. This method will give ideas on which topic you can design the content, resulting in high traffic.

Researching about competitors

Analyzing your competitors' moves helps a lot to grow more. Knowing whether their channels are investing online will also tell the impact of Google AdWords. Depending on each criterion will show the worth of Google AdWords for your content.  

Difference between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

These two tech giants always are in rivalry in one way or another. But, unfortunately, in the case of digital advertising, people are always confused about which one to choose. The positioning of both the firms is often as competitors. 

Still, differentiation in a practical way leads to a different way. For example, some big-scale businesses use both of them to get the maximum benefit. To get your mind clear, we have also listed some differentiation aspects. These aspects will help them to know what suits them the most.

Google AdWords

Being the world's largest and most popular PPC advertising platform, the usage of AdWords is more widespread. It works in a way known as "paid search," seen in Bing Ads.

Paid search targets keywords with the usage of tech-based advertisement. Advertisers bid on this keyword to get better traffic. Then, the system charges money whenever someone clicks on their ad. This system is known as PPC or pay-per-click advertising.  

Facebook Ads

Facebook works on a different system known as "paid social." In the social world, Facebook is consistently topping in monthly users. Being on top, many organizations see it as a great way to advertise. "Paid Social" works differently from "Paid search." Here, you get to see a whole different system on which ranking of the ad takes place. It gets to users according to their preference and in which way they behave online.  

Strength of both of them compared

Google, with around 3.5 billion users, is known to be the best search engine. The differentiation of its advertising is in two primary sectors, which are search and display. The search network takes google as a search engine, using keywords as their primary content. The display network offers visual ads spanning over 98% of the World Wide Web. 

It also allows users to add several features to their ad ranging from social proofing to site links. For real ad experience, it also allows using rich resource elements like high resolution and interactive map data. Facebook ads might be a newcomer than Google. Still, its refining and improvements from past years have made it a hub of digital marketing strategies. 

It has over 1.5 billion monthly active users, 1/5th of the whole population. Facebook doesn't use any way to rank its ads. As opening an account, it takes personal details ranging from movies they like to their marital status. Facebook examines their behavior before it displays the ads, making them more likely to be clicked. Its payments depend on user preference, whether going to be per day or lifetime.

Top 3 courses for Google Ads

To start on the correct path, you need suitable guidance to learn. With millions of digital marketing vacancies, a certification in google ads will be the correct way to prove yourself. To certify, Google conducts exams that are free of cost and accessible anytime or anywhere.  

Being accessible multiple times makes it more likely to participate. A list of curative selection of the three best Google Ads courses is here to guide whether you are doing it for the growth of business or self.  

Skill shop

Skill shop is the official learning platform for google ads, developed by Google. Anyone complete with the basics of digital marketing can easily take this course to learn. The course includes each essential detail from google ads terminology and metrics. With hundreds of videos of over 30 hours of playtime covers all aspects of Google Ads. 

These videos are made by professionals, making them easy for anyone to learn and understand. The cost of the whole course is free. However, it is said that it doesn't go in-depth as other courses. The topics covered are:

  • Google Ads glossary: from keywords, search terms, ads extension, and much more.
  • Knowing about the types of keywords with the basic concepts of Google search
  • The necessary Ad copy rules with hacks about it.
  • Study of Campaign and ad group structure.
  • Basics about Google conversion tracking with all types of bidding and other aspects of ads.
  • Remarketing

The recommendation of these ads is only suitable for complete beginners to marketers who want certification.

This course is one of the minute duration courses out of all. With a playtime of 3 hours, it's also called a crash course.  It needs a LinkedIn premium membership which costs around $30. The course includes all the basics ranging from pay-per-click to the creation of an ad. The topics covered are:

  • Digital Marketing and PPC basics
  • Glossary of google ads
  • Ad copy rules
  • How to evaluate the performance of an ad
  • Types of keyword bidding and difference between them
  • Reporting

These courses are only suitable for beginners and include everything related to search and analytics.

Ultimate Google Ads course - Udemy

This course is the most informative video learning resource on the list, making it a tough competitor for Skill shop. The creation of this course is by professionals who have credentials to create google ads. Making regular changes helps it to be up-to-date. With in-depth topics, this course gives playback of 20 hours.

Complete Google Ads Course

Complete Google Ads Course is another in-depth course that can give you knowledge regarding the platform. It needs a Skillshare premium membership costing $15. The video playback is around eight hours that gives you complete information regarding all the aspects of Google ads. Unfortunately, the course lacks changes, making it outdated and based on an older version of google ads. The topics covered in it are the same as others. It's only recommended to those who want a clear foundation in Google Ad campaigns, regardless of the new techniques and tricks.

The Google Partners Program

This program offers training, support to individuals or firms that want to stand out and succeed in the Google Ads industry. These trainings are highly developed with an in-depth understanding of the Google Ad industry structure. Companies who availed this Program are certified by Google and highly trusted. Advertisers hire these certified Google experts to manage and run their ad campaigns. Of all the digital marketing agencies, these companies are trusted by Google.


Taking any course helps to build your resume and knowledge in the digital marketing era. Being a digital marketer also requires learning basics from PPC and Social media marketing, like landing pages or email marketing.

The basics and foundation of those topics would be understandable only after getting a certification from Google Ads. So, it is recommended to start your journey from Google ads.

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