Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a paid advertising. Facebook marketing offers several ways for businesses to reach out to their target audience for product advertisement.

Facebook Marketing - Use of Facebook for Marketing

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook is a platform that offers paid advertisements and organic posts that are highly targeted. Over the last few years, Facebook has become the most used social media platform that makes it the best marketplace.  

Why Facebook marketing?

With over 2.58 billion Monthly Active Users (not including Instagram, WhatsApp, and other properties), Facebook is the most widely used social media platform. It is one of the leading news sources for Americans, where more than 53% of the population depends on Facebook to get news updates.  

So, if you are a business owner, you would not want to be unavailable on Facebook because this is where your ideal audience hangs out. Facebook can be a game-changer in your business if utilized properly. In this blog, you will learn about what Facebook Marketing is and how to boost your business.  

What are the benefits of Facebook marketing?

Facebook has such a large audience base; it would give your business an organic reach. The other benefits of using Facebook Marketing are:

  • Facebook marketing is easy to understand and get started.
  • You can sell your products to customers all over the world.
  • You can reach the target audience easily by consistently adding value through your posts and educating them about your product.
  • Advertising to your target audience is easy.
  • Easy sharing across multiple social media platforms.

What does Facebook marketing consist of?

All the essentials you would need to sell your products on Facebook come under "Facebook Marketing." To name a few, the following are included in it:

Facebook business pages

This is the favorite spot of business owners. This can be used to list your products and share links that lead to your product's checkout page, posts, and you can also be funny here. You can experiment here with different types of content, videos, and posts. Facebook will give you insights into what your client resonates with.  

Facebook groups

You build a community here. You can promote events, do collaborations, discuss events. You can do giveaways by introducing contests and asking your audience to either bring in more people and give your products as a reward to the winner.

Facebook Ads

If you wish to run ads that people see while scrolling on the right column or in between the feed, Facebook allows you to do that. You can efficiently run ads at a low or high budget by selecting demographics. By choosing a highly targeted audience to show the ads, you can do wonders in your business.

A pro tip: Never underestimate the power of an image and video while crafting out your ads. An image with a copy and your desired call to action is a standard format. If your products are in liaison with Facebook's Commerce Policies, you can directly sell your products here. The purchase is made through Messenger. You can connect payment processes like Shopify to your Marketplace account.

Different ways to market on Facebook

You can run different advertisements on Facebook because what works for one may not work for another person. So, it is always recommended to run different variations of an ad to make sure you attract your audience.  

  1. Image advertisements: this is the most shared ad that we see every time we scroll through this social media. This is the easiest one to create and pleases the audience.
  2. Carousel advertisements: it is an extended version of image ads. You can feature up to 10 images or videos in a single ad. This may attract your visual audience.
  3. Video advertisements: another way to advertise on Facebook is to run video ads. These can be short videos, GIFs. You can use this feature by showing how your product is good or a quick demonstration of using your product etc.
  4. Lead generation advertisements: the main goal of this type of ad is to get more subscribers to your newsletters. Mainly run on mobile devices, a few clicks can get you a lead.
  5. Collection advertisements: it is a collection of images of your products in the form of a grid; in other words, it acts as a catalog of products.
  6. Slideshow advertisements: it displays videos that can be seen even if you have a slow internet connection. Creating such ads can be fun because you have a wide variety of resources to create them.

Your guide to getting started with Facebook marketing campaign

Now that we have seen the benefits and features of using Facebook for your business, you must be thinking about how to do it step by step. So here is your guide to getting started.  

Get your goals clear

The first and the essential step in your marketing journey would be to set goals that you want to achieve. You may try setting SMART goals which stand for Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound goals. This approach would allow you to set a realistic goal, and whether or not you achieve it, you would set better goals in the future.  

Define your target audience

You have to make a persona of your target audience or ideal client. Remember, if your product is for everyone, it is for no one. It will become easier to set your target audience if you follow the above step and set SMART goals. This step will also help you set the demographics and audience while setting up an ad on Facebook.  

Decide upon what you will post and schedule it

The best practice to keep your audience engaged and increase your reach organically is posting regularly. This is possible if you plan the content. You can incorporate various content marketing strategies. Remember, the more you create and engage with your audience, the more you convert them into your customers. Your content strategy should aim at better conversion rates and a vetter customer audience. You can schedule your posts from the 'Publishing tools' option.

Run Ads

Now that you have set your goals, define the audience, and decided what you will post, it is time for the next step. By now, you must have some audience organically, and you should start running ads to your target audience. We have seen various ads formats that you can run for your business, depending on your budget and type of product. In the beginning, you can start with image ads. To have a better idea of how to create a compelling ad, you can read this blog.

Use Facebook's inbuilt tools

You can set bots to interact with your potential costumes when they come up with a query. A lot of applications and websites can help you create a bot for your business. The message that you set would be sent for each keyword that the customer uses. For example, if your customer sends a message' price', and if you set the bot to send the product's price, the customer will get the price of the product as the reply. You may use 'Pages to Watch' in the 'Insights' section to analyze your competitor's performance. Similarly, you have an option to invite people (to follow your brand) who have engaged with your posts or videos.

Use Insights to better your game

To understand which type of content your audience engages the most with; you should constantly have an eye on your insights. It is an inbuilt feature that tells you about many factors and data like your followers, likes, reach, page view, page previews, actions on the page, etc. The good news is this tool is entirely free to use.

Tips to make your Facebook marketing easy and better

After understanding how Facebook Marketing works, you will start getting an idea of how you can improve your results and increase sales. But that may be a long process, so we have jotted down some tips to act as a catalyst in your business success. Here we go:

Facebook Pixel

You can add this by adding a small code to your website. You may get more insights into your customers' activities, build highly targeted ads, and effectiveness of your ads. So it can help you target your custom audience.

Call to action every time: why do you run ads? To increase sales. So it would be best if you didn't miss on adding a call to action every time you post something in your group or your page. Find different ways to add a CTA innovatively every time. Some of the CTAs can be "Shop Now," "Grab Now," "Sign Up," etc

Take the Facebook Messenger bot seriously

This simple bot can do wonders for your business. You can give wonderful customer responses and services. With automated texts, your customers can get quick replies and get their queries answered.

Analyzing the time

Analyzing the time that your audiences are more active at this is a really important parameter to increase your growth. By posting at this time, you are making sure that your audience will engage with your post.  

Promote your page everywhere

This is another crucial tip. You should promote your business page on other platforms like Instagram and Youtube to reach more people. If you do email marketing, you can add a Facebook icon through which your followers can follow you on Facebook too. If you have a blog, you can do the same there also. You can attract people to join your Facebook groups by giving them some freebies.  

Salary of Facebook marketers

Did you know that Facebook generated $84.2 Billion in 2020 in ad revenue? This is huge, isn't it? If you don't have time as a business owner to market your products on Facebook, you can always hire someone to do that for you. If you are beginning your business, you can hire beginner freelancers; they will not charge much. You will have to pay for the daily Ad Spend and pay around $200-$300 per month to the freelancer.  

When your business starts growing, and you have a team to do everything, you may either still opt to hire a freelancer to run Facebook Ads or contact an agency to do that for you. In the case of an agency, it may cost you more.  

If you want to run ads for businesses as a freelancer, you already know how to do that and also how you can accelerate the process. As a Facebook Manager of a business, you may earn around $53,000 on average in the US. If we see the world as a whole, the country that tops the digital marketing trade is Japan followed by China and America.


You never know what may work for you and what may not. The marketing of Facebook is quite unpredictable because not everything is in your control. To understand what works for you and what doesn't, you have to try different things consistently. But here is the catch, your image ads and posts may do well this month, but the audience may not like it the next month.  

This happens because trends on Social Media change every day, and if you want to survive in this ever-changing battle, you have to keep updating and experimenting with new and innovative ideas. This guide on Facebook Marketing, what its elements are, how to start a marketing campaign on Facebook, and tips to accelerate your marketing campaign will surely help you if you work on it consistently.  

Many other sources help you only with the advertisement part in detail; you may have a look at them to get a better grasp of it. Another tip to better your marketing game is to have a sleek website. This will give more information about your business and products and show that you have a legit business.

Can you trust a brand with a shabby and unstructured website? Can't you, right? So why let your potential customers click on the ad that you spent money on? Instead, take them to a website where they will not take the desired action because your business doesn't look authentic. 

About the author

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