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Advertising is a form of commercial communication used to promote or conduct sales for a product, service, or idea. Because there are so many processes to generate an advertisement, and because the advertising industry has so many different types of occupations, there are many different advertising jobs, titles, and descriptions.

Sponsors typically pay for advertising, which can be seen on websites, different social media accounts, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising, or direct mail. An advertising agency may generate campaigns for a variety of clients or a single corporation.

What is an advertising job?

Advertising jobs are in charge of developing marketing communications that persuade a target audience to purchase a product or service and benefit the business as a whole. These individuals may make advertisements for the firm they work in, or they may prepare advertisements for the business's consumers.  

People who work in advertising jobs include those who generate advertisements and those who carry out the design, such as those who construct the dialogue, graphics, or text for the concept that the creative team develops. Magazines and newspapers, radio adverts, television commercials, direct mail fliers, social media accounts, blog posts, and website advertisements are all examples of advertising.

The goal of advertising is to build a business's brand and establish a relationship with its customers through that brand to initiate and continue sales to those customers. Individuals working in this profession must be able to work without the need for a template.

Duties and responsibilities of advertising job

  • Meet with business clients to discuss their objectives.
  • Conduct market research to find relevant data and areas where you should manage and concentrate your efforts.
  • Create marketing strategies and content to target those populations.
  • As needed, create, research, and develop commercials.
  • Client companies are involved in the testing and review of data and concepts.
  • Fine-tune concepts and material to meet the sales outcomes.
  • To determine the success of advertising account ideas, test them repeatedly and frequently.
  • Analyze the market data, sales and develop useful inferences from the data.

What are the educational requirements?

Advertising agencies hire managers from various educational backgrounds in a variety of departments and at varying levels. A professional degree or diploma in a certain subject of study can provide you an advantage in this career. A flare for language and great communication skills is also necessary for breaking into the advertising industry.

Anyone can choose from the following courses to get into a certain section of an advertising agency:

  • Client Servicing: MBA in marketing or Post-Graduation Diploma
  • Studio: Commercial art or fine arts course (BFA or MFA)
  • Media: Master's degree in business administration, mass communication, or journalism
  • Finance: Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, and MBA (Finance)
  • Films: Audio-visuals are a specialty.
  • Production: An introduction to printing and prepress procedures.

After completing a course, on-the-job training is the greatest approach to get into this sector. Internships are offered as part of the curriculum at all good universities.

Skills required for advertising job

Understanding of advertising methods and possessing the ability to think creatively. It is necessary to think independently. Recognize the constraints that come with marketing. Written communication, verbal communication, and organizational skills are all important. Customer service abilities, ability to listen and comprehend desired advertising direction are also necessary. Advertising skills are not easy but necessary to crack the job. Some details about the skills which are required in these careers are.  


It's crucial to have a lot of creativity and an inexhaustible supply of ideas that you can pull from your brain during a marathon brainstorming session, especially if you work in an industry that requires you to create eye-catching material to market a brand or a product.


Because a successful advertising campaign necessitates the collaboration of a group of brilliant individuals, the ability to work as part of a group is essential. Account managers, creatives, and marketing executives will regularly collaborate and create innovative content while also ensuring that the client's needs are addressed.  

The success of a project is ultimately determined by the collective effort of the individuals involved. In addition, working as part of a creative team necessitates the capacity to absorb criticism (even when you think your concept is brilliant) and incorporate other people's ideas into your vision.

Communication skills:  

When it comes to pitching a concept to your team, effective communication skills are critical. Being a skilled manager, on the other hand, isn't just important for internal team discussions. You'll also find yourself having regular conversations with clients, which will entail many back-and-forths and a lot of emails. It is so critical to be able to communicate effectively and professionally.


While communication skills are important, being able to listen actively is also essential. Working in the advertising industry will put you in touch with various people regularly, including co-workers and clients, who will communicate details of the project or pitch their suggestions to you. Anyone cannot afford to ignore or misinterpret clientele or work colleagues as an advertiser, particularly when details are critical to a project's success.

Computer skills:  

In an industry that is rapidly becoming solely focused on digital marketing, having adequate tech skills is a must. Depending on your job, you'll spend the majority of your time working from a computer, using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Alternatively, you might find yourself responding directly to client emails while relaying project details.

Social media knowledge and skills:  

Knowing how to use social media accounts will keep you up to date on the latest internet trends and advancements. Given that the current consumer consumes content mostly through social media platforms and is influenced by what appears in their newsfeed, knowing how to use these apps and tools will help you perform better at work.

Commercial awareness:  

While we've already discussed the importance of being aware of various social media accounts and channels, commercial awareness encompasses much more than just knowing how to post on Twitter. To meet clients' business requirements and project specifications, it's critical to understand the market and stay on top of consumer wants and needs.

How much can you make from advertising jobs?

Advertising managers work full-time for the most part, while others work as contract consultants. Salary for advertising jobs is influenced by their level of education or certification, relevant work experience, and the size and location of their company.

The typical advertising careers pay is $40,000 per year or $21.35 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $33,000 per year, with the highest-paid individuals earning up to $70000 per year.

Different types of advertising jobs

Advertising professionals possess a diverse set of skills, particularly strong communication abilities, which are necessary for various roles within the sector. A list of some of the most frequent advertising job titles is provided below.

Creative development:

Many people work in the advertising industry's creative department, putting together the visuals for magazine and newspaper advertisements, television commercials, brochures, and corporate reports. Advertising copywriters and graphic designers, for example, work under the supervision of a creative or art director. As a result, advertising copywriters must notice spelling and grammar issues quickly when writing print ads, web ads, brochures, or commercial scripts for many ad formats.


An advertising manager manages a company's advertising efforts. They assist in the implementation of advertising campaigns, supervise all advertising department staff, manage the advertising budget, and ensure the success of each campaign. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that the client is satisfied with the advertising strategies employed by the ad agency.


A marketing associate assists in the efficient operation of a marketing or advertising organization. They may be responsible for administrative activities and market research, data analysis, and the creation of marketing and advertising materials such as brochures. To connect with employers, co-workers, clients, and vendors, marketing associates must have great written and spoken communication skills.


Selling media space to advertisers is the responsibility of an advertising sales department. For example, if they work for a magazine publisher, they sell advertising space in the magazine (such as half a page or a page). They offer airtime to advertising if they work for a television station. They track down potential clients, meet with them, present all essential information, and close advertising campaign sales.

Different types of advertising


Advertisers who sell a product or service are referred to as commercial advertisers. The attributes of goods and services relevant to the type of media involved are highlighted in advertisements for these commodities. For example, ads on television and video streams may be more graphics-heavy, but ads in magazines or on the internet blog may be more text-heavy.


Non-commercial marketers pay for advertisements for goods other than consumer products or services. Political parties, interest groups, religious organizations, and government agencies are examples of these. 

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