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Websites are the marketplace/ community retreat/ socializing place of the modern era and if you want to own a website, that too for the first time, then you just can't leave WordPress out of the picture. WordPress is mainly a Content Management System (CMS) and also one of the best ones out there in the market. WordPress alone powers more than 40% of all the sites that exist on the internet and that to say vaguely, is a lot.

WordPress is everything a website owner or builder needs to get his/her up, running, and probably successful. Its user interface allows users to understand the basic working of it in just about a matter of minutes. After the basics, the versatility of the CMS extends as far and wide as the sky. Due to this, it doesn’t just allow the beginners to get introduced but also allows the professionals to operate freely.

WordPress: One of a kind

WordPress is one of the most versatile CMS out there not just because of its easy usability but also because it is open-source software. For the non-geeks out there, it means that the platform isn't prohibited by the makers under the copyright or a trademark and is open for anyone who wants to download, enhance, or modify it. This not only means that one can download and fiddle around with it but it also means that website creators can express their creativity openly without any restrictions along with the whole community of WordPress-ers that are out there.

Along with that, WordPress also gives totally free access to all its users without any surplus charges. Every WordPress website needs hosting and domain in order to exist and WordPress supports that too as it also has paid plans for those who would like to set up both hosting and domain or just the hosting through their platform. 

But the versatility also raises questions such as, “Who is it for?". Well, the WordPress community is filled with people who want to put up:

Educational sites:

A lot of educational creators are out there who showcase and connect with their students through their websites. Websites allow the users to create with the website creator. Hence, this allows a teacher to connect with all his students despite their locations or time regions.

Community hubs:

Portfolio build-up:

If you have ever taken your portfolio copy from company to company, then you know how much of a pain it is. Having an online portfolio, through which you can showcase all your achievements and skills is no less than a pain healer for anyone who’s trying to put themselves out there in the market.

Affiliate websites:

One of the best ways to earn in the modern era is through affiliation. Having an affiliate marketing website gives the creator a chance to earn through monetizing their site or selling products through affiliate links.

E-commerce sites:

Anyone who sets up an item for sale knows that the more people see his/her item, the more chances there are to make sales and profit by those sales. Setting up an e-commerce site allows the creator to expose his/her items to the biggest crowds in the world, therefore getting the best chances at selling something.

News sites:

Everyone gets their news from the internet now. So, any aspiring news writer or a news writing organization can enhance their careers and prospects by creating an online news page.

Business sites:

Having a site for a physical business that one pre-owns can not only increase recognition in customers but can also help in creating a better brand.


Any blogger who wants to better communicate with their followers or maybe build up a following or just wants to blog for personal satisfaction can set up their websites through WordPress without hesitation.

You should also not worry if you don’t belong to any of the above categories. You can just start with a basic website for blogging and grow your traffic up to a point you can monetize it and convert it into an affiliate or any kind of website that is mentioned above.

More to WordPress

As previously said, WordPress isn't just for beginners but also the intermediate and professional users all around the world. Setting up a basic website in WordPress is a process that everyone has to go through whether it's a professional, beginner, or intermediate. "But, what do I do after that to become different and recognizable?", you may ask. Well, the answer to your questions is the thousands of themes and plugins that are updated and enhanced by the WordPress community every day. Being totally free of cost to use comes with its benefits. But those who want to take it to the next level can buy these additional elements from the WordPress store.


Plug-ins are essentially the pieces of software code that allow and enable the web program or application to perform a certain task that it couldn’t do without them. Some of the best WordPress plugins are:

  • HubSpot
  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • Jetpack
  • Elementor
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Smush
  • Akismet Spam Protection
  • iThemes Security


Whereas, themes in WordPress allow the user to enhance the outward representation of the website by giving it new colors, shapes, and many more things. Themes are created by developers using HTML and CSS.


The dashboard is the headquarters of WordPress as this is the place from where the creator edits all the essential parts of his website as well as handles the back-end and front-end elements. All the access to the settings and customization is given to the website creator from here such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and security controls.

Benefits of using WordPress

Since 2003, WordPress has been around to support web developers/ designers and has managed to become the most popular blogging software on the current market. WordPress has also surpassed every other competitor that is out there in the market in becoming the best Content Management System. It is due to be easy and useful for not only the blogging community but also for every other community that is out there that handles their websites for their respective works. Here are some reasons why every you should consider making a website on WordPress for your business:

Easy management

Managing your website is super easy through WordPress on the internet using devices whether it’s on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. But the full customization and setting options are only available on computers and laptops.

Preference of search engines

Anything you search on the internet has keywords which the web networks work through with SEO to give you the most on-point results of your search. WordPress has very clean code behind it due to which the keywords are easy to search through its pages which increases its probability of showing up at the topmost of someone's web search. A web creator can enhance those chances even more by putting more keywords in each page, post, and alt image along with links and tags to become the best results while search engine optimizations happen.

There is full control

WordPress allows its users to have total control over every simple to the complex aspect of their website. This allows the website creator to be more flexible and more independent and open to changes.

The site grows together with you

The ability to create more and more web pages in your website in WordPress is very scalable up to a very extent due to which the creators can create more and more pages as their site grows. This expansion capability doesn’t mean that the creator would have to compromise with quality for quantity as WordPress makes sure that all the pages in the website work as smoothly and efficiently as they can.

No HTML editing or FTP required

Being a self-contained system, WordPress does not require an external HTML or FTP editing software. What this means is that as a creator, you can create a new page, or blog post, format text, upload images, image galleries, video files, etc without needing to install any additional HTML or FTP software.

Why should you install WordPress on a computer?

Having WordPress on your computer lets you work with ease whether it is about building a new site from nothing to installing a new theme or plug-in or just getting a place to work properly without having the fear of ruining anything. WordPress has upgraded its apps to work very well whether it's on your phone or your laptop. The app fluidity not only lets you work in a safe space with the plug-ins and themes that you have already downloaded but also lets you experiment with these extensions without getting a real impact on your website until you save them. And the fact of it being totally free to use just puts the cherry on the pie and increases its usability more.

What is the range of WordPress communities?

As we already know that the community of WordPress extends far and wide to many corners of our planet and diversity, these numbers also tell us that the system that is being used by such a large will consist of quality too. WordPress.org tells its viewers on the introduction page that there are about 409 million unique visitors on its page each month along with it having 20 billion page views each month makes it one of the most viewed websites in the entire world. The intro page also says that about 70 million posts are being posted each month along with 77 million comments being commented, this tells us that the websites made on this platform are not only legit but are also very effective as the creators and the users are constantly engaged.

Why should you learn how to use WordPress?

Open-source software such as WordPress allows its users to study its codes and write their app, Wordpress plugins, and WordPress templates, Wordpress themes, that can be used by them or others in it. Learning more about WordPress, such as how it works can not only increase your knowledge about this certain CMS but can also open your gates toward better career options, such as website developer or designer. 

Below is a guide on how WordPress works. Starting from when the user requests a web page to the end when that particularly called page gets fully loaded.

  1. Loading the wp-config.php file.
  2. Setting up default constants
  3. Loading advanced-cache.php file
  4. Loading wp-content/db.php file
  5. Connect MySQL and select database
  6. Loading object-cache.php or wp-includes/cache file
  7. Loading wp-content/sunrise.php file
  8. Loading localization library
  9. Loading multisite plug-ins
  10. DO action ‘muplugins_loaded’
  11. Load active plugins
  12. Load pluggable.php file
  13. Do action ‘plugins_loaded’
  14. Load rewrite rules
  15. Instantiate $wp_query
  16. Do action ‘setup_theme’
  17. Load child Theme’s functions.php file
  18. Load parent Theme’s functions.php file
  19. Do action ‘after_setup-theme’
  20. Setup current user object
  21. Do Action ‘init’
  22. Do action ‘widget_init’
  23. Run wp()
  24. Parse request
  25. Run Query
  26. Do action ‘template_redirect’
  27. Load feed template
  28. Load template
  29. Do action ‘shutdown’


WordPress is quite a suitable choice, whether it’s for beginners, intermediates, or professionals. It contains the tools that can be utilized differently by different levels of website developers which makes it one of the most versatile CMS that are out there in the entire modern market. Being an open-source network also allows the website developers and designers to work with no restrictions and go all out with their creativity. The ability of WordPress to give the developers the freedom of handling the whole website, from hosting to finding a domain, without moving to different platforms is efficiency at its best.  The inbuilt and downloadable plugins and themes just increase the efficiency and preferentiality of the web developers towards WordPress. Last but not least, the CMS also providers its users with the ability to administer over their websites and multiple other users. This ability of WordPress allows the creators to collaborate with fellow creators and create even better web pages. Finally, the final that can be said for this CMS is that it rules nearly over 40% of the whole internet due to many reasons and all those reasons are well justified and accepted too. So, making your first website on WordPress can act as a game-changer despite the sort of work that you're doing it for. The part of it being free of cost not only adds the benefit of starting without any investment to lose but also gives support to those who are deprived of paying for paid software.

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