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Web Developers are professionals who are responsible for doing justice for building a website that covers all the core of development areas ranging from code.

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On the Internet today, you'll find hundreds of websites when you type a specific query or search. Say, for example, you type "Arts and craft" in the search box; after hitting the search button, you'll see several websites related to that keyword. These websites are the one thing that makes the Internet whole and complete. Web Developers are professionals who are responsible for building and developing these websites on the Internet.

With more and more businesses coming online to build a digital profile of their own, the demand for a skilled Web developer is parallelly increasing. Therefore, this job profile holds a significant value in today's day and age of technology.

What does a Web Developer do?

A web developer's job is a dynamic one as one has to make sure to do justice with all the core development areas of a website. These development areas range from the graphic and user interface of the website, database technology, and actual working code. In addition, a web developer needs to write and run the specific code to execute those developments.

Consider web development as manufacturing a 4-wheeler. A manufacturer considers various points before actually starting the manufacturing process. Two of the indispensable of those points are the vehicle's purpose and target consumers who drive it. In the same way, a web developer develops a website after knowing the value the website will provide and the target audience who'll visit that site for that particular subject matter.

Following are the Job Responsibilities that fall under the profile of a Web developer:

  • Designing: He is responsible for designing the website in such a way that it not only appeals to technically sound users but at the same time is not too complex for beginners.
  • Coding: He is obliged to run essential codes, use content creation tools, and write website content to construct an optimal website structure.
  • Updating: If he's working on a website that requires periodical updating in content or technicality, he is the one to do the same.
  • Team Work: He's responsible for managing, instructing, and guiding his team.
  • Back-up: He must back up all of the content associated with the website to ensure recovery in case of an emergency.
  • Latest Trends: He should follow the latest updates and trends in web and programming spaces through boot camps and webinars to constantly up-skill himself.

Education Requirement for a Web Developer

Even Though no formal education is required to become a web developer, various educational institutions offer various degree courses for you to know the said job profile. These courses include Mobile and web application (honors), BSc in Computer Information Systems, Diploma in Web Development, and Internet Application. And many more.

You need to work on your skills; the source of information doesn't matter anymore. Today with the luxury known as the Internet, you can acquire knowledge about anything from the comfort of your home. The skills you must master if you wish to build a career in web development are:

Coding Skills

It is the superior skill a person has to master to face the dynamics of this job profile. The essential programming languages for web development are HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Python, Typescript, PHP, Ruby, etc.

Analytical Skills

Analysing the requirement of content, technical structure, needs of customers and clients are some of the analyzing tasks that a web developer has to execute. Hence, analytical skills become a necessity.


Search Engine Optimisation is something that every client expects the web developer to have a grasp on. If SEO is weak, then all the design and technical structure are meaningless as there are no visitors to read that content.

Graphic Design

Basic graphic design skills are required if not advanced as a web developer is responsible for designing the client-side of the website. Although, more and more companies seek experienced Web Designers with advanced skills in that subject matter.

Communication Skills

One cannot wish for success while running from acquiring these soft skills. Call it harsh reality or anything, good communication skills are today's necessity. A web developer must communicate well with the clients to ensure a fine product at the end.

Softwares used by Web Developers

Professional Web developers use top-quality software to design their websites as they are expected to provide clients with a quality product in a specific period. Here are some of those software web developers use in their daily life:


Wordpress is the most used website developing the platform now. It is a Content Management System with an engaging user interface and great tools to build ones' dream website for a blog or business.

Adobe Dreamweaver

For its features, tools, and interface, this software is used by various web developers starting from a beginner to an advanced one. This software from Adobe Inc. has more than everything for web designing and building.


One of the popular prototyping tools in the web development community. With this, developers can make interesting wire-frames for their product with minimum hustle.


With great SEO and e-commerce features, Weebly has become quite popular in the small website development space.  

Angular JS

Used by thousands of web developers, this is a must-have tool if you're working in front-end development. With its ability to manage Javascript code and easy accessibility, AngularJS has become a popular term in the web development space.

HTML5 Boilerplate

A web developer may use software to build a flexible structure for the website. Along with HTML 5 resources, this software also provides information that Google Universal Analytics can provide.


It is a website building platform with more than 100 designer templates that users can customize independently.

Sencha Ext JS

With several user extensions, UI components, and a complete JavaScript framework, Sencha Ext JS has become a popular web building platform.


The online graphic library has competitive rates to find a range of graphics and pictures for your business website.


It works with almost every language. Its efficiency and effectiveness make it a trustable web development software.

Front-end and Back-end Web Developers

Front-end and Back-end are the two significant parts of a website, each holding a volume of equal importance. Both must be designed to serve the operationality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the website. Due to the rigidity of the task, it is often completed by multiple web developers to ensure quality.

Front-end Web Developer

The Front-end developer is responsible for making an impression on the user visiting the website. Front-end development is everything you see and experience while visiting any website or opening any app. The text, colors, bullets, navigation bars, images, etc., that you see on screen all fall under front-end development. As a result, the required person needs to have needed skills and experience. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are the primary languages you must have a proper grasp of to ensure basic graphical design. In addition, angular JS, jQuery, SASS, and Flutter are some of the tools and software that professionals in this webspace regularly use.

Back-end Web Developer

Everything that happens behind the scenes falls under the work profile of a back-end web developer. He ensures that everything on the business side or client-side works as planned. Creating libraries, coding systems, etc., falls under this area. Python, Java, Ruby, and C++ are the programming languages used in developing an effective back-end structure. In addition, Apache, Stack Overflow, Monitis, and Redis are popular tools used in the job, as mentioned earlier.

Full-stack Web Developer

These are the types of development personnel who are capable of doing both the front-end and back-end work. You have to spend several years performing different roles, gaining in-depth knowledge of both spaces' programming languages and software. Then, with the awareness of both the business mind and consumer mind, a full-stack web developer can effectively execute every web development procedure.

Estimated Salary of a Web Developer

Web developers have the potential of changing the dynamics of digital media as we see it today. With that potential, the salary or financial benefits are also high. There are many factors on which the salary of a web developer depends. Experience, skills, knowledge, type of client, type of website building, etc., are some of the factors that directly and indirectly affect the pay scale of a web developer.

In India, a web developer may get an amount within the range of Rs. 1,25,000-8,90,000. The national average is Rs 20,000/month as far as India is concerned. In the USA, a web developer earns $73307 a year if talking about its national average.


With more and more users adding up to the internet community with each passing year, careers in the web development space will only expand from this point in time. With every obsolete technology, whether software or hardware, web development asks for more involvement and time to know the latest additions to a webspace.  

Constantly upgrading your skillset and ensuring quality are two ways to survive in today's digital setup.  Web developers have a dynamic job profile that provides you with significant financial benefits in return for your perseverance. Learn skills in college or through the Internet, but that is the most important investment you can make on yourself.

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Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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