Recruiting is the action to draw, hire, appraise, and onboard a talented individual for work. Recruiting agency works with organizations to produce jobs.

Methodology of recruiting - Is it a viable option for a job?

There's a slew of responsibilities while searching for an employee adept enough in this highly competitive era. Contrarily, finding out the right employer is also not a piece of cake. However, be it the job-seekers or employers/recruiters, the recruitment process works in the same way for both.

Starting from advertising vacancy to interviews, background to documents, and credentials ascertaining, all come under recruitment. Undoubtedly, it isn't a walk in the park. This post aims to explore every little detail related to the recruiting journey. In addition, it delivers a handful of effective solutions that can help you turn yourself into an ideal candidate in this red ocean. Let's get started!  

Recruitment - Everything under the sun

In human resources management, the procedure of recruitment is not just about bringing in the crackerjack. It also demands accomplishing the task with a designated time and cost. In a nutshell, it can be said that the job of recruiters involves finding ideal employees and galvanizing them to apply for jobs and help them to contact the right employers.

Therefore, it's a cycle that starts from understanding the needs of employers/organizations regarding staffing, identifying the right candidates who are trying to build up their career, and introducing them to particular organizations or employers. However, the goals behind carrying out the recruiting process include but are not limited to hiring employees. So, you can also make this process a bridge that allows recruiters and employers, and job-seekers to get in touch with a suitable contact.

This is a significant reason behind the rise of various staff recruiting services/agencies, which help both companies and job seekers to fight the battle. Such agencies/services minimize the pain point of organizations seeking the perfect employee and the job-seekers waiting for their best match jobs. Let's understand why the recruitment process holds immense value for any organization - a giant company or a small-scale business.

Calibrating skills sets as per the goals of the organization  

For any company/employer, it's always a primary objective to unleash the potential of any seat they offer to an individual who is on the verge of establishing his/her career. Likewise, an employee should cater well to the goals and initiatives of the organization. Therefore, the entire recruitment process ensures to bring the best possible workforce to serve the needs.  

Assurance of productive and constructive recruiting  

The best match with required skill setup, qualification, and talent - effective recruiting ensures it all. Besides, in such a process, the intent is to keep the cost low and justified. Therefore, by implementing the recruiting strategy, an organization maximizes its chances to offer jobs to the best possible person. Now, you might think, what's the use of staffing agencies/services here?  

Can't the organization carry the process on its own? Well, they might! However, without the implementation of standardized guidelines & systems, the chances of monetary loss become higher. Besides, dedicated HR teams of agencies offering recruitment services/solutions are highly trained and capable of delivering the candidates, which any organization strives for.

Conformity with laws and policies

With a wide range of rules, laws, and policies for an organization to comply with its human resources management, efficient recruiters follow all the recruiting procedures, ensuring that it doesn't infringe with such policies. Equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination while hiring are some of the examples of such policies. Besides, certain factors determine recruitment. They are as follows:

  • Organization size
  • Employment conditions under the current economy
  • Salary structure of the company
  • Working conditions
  • Growth rate

The methodology of recruiting  

Now, the process of recruiting varies as per the needs of any particular employer. There are integrations of a few steps which might not be a concern for companies from other industries. However, there's a standard way that applies to all companies during recruitment. Let's have a quick glimpse at them!

Analysis of the job openings

This process involves the assessment of the work that a new candidate or employee will be hired for. It's one of the vital decisions amongst the entire recruiting journey, as the other factors will be dependent on the outcome of such analysis. The process involves the steps as follows.

  • Preparation of a job description
  • Reviewing the job description
  • Setting up minimum requirements from the applicants such as education, experience, etc.
  • Jotting out a salary range

Bringing talents into play  

This step involves spreading the word about vacancies via various channels. However, before the organization or recruiting agency starts publishing the vacancies, they identify the mediums as per the job description to identify the best places to source talents. In this way, the concept of advertising the vacancy becomes clear and organized. There are different methods to execute the task. Some of them are as follows.

  • Networking
  • Print and media advertising
  • Posting
  • Implementation of proper techniques

Screening the eligible candidates  

Once the applications come in, the most crucial and intense screening of the eligible candidates comes into the picture. As we all know, this involves checking the skills, personality, evaluating the potentials of the applicant, and certain other factors. The basic steps are as follows.

  • Introductory screening
  • Initial interview
  • Executing tests based on the requirements of the hiring organization
  • A final interview
  • Finalization and selection

Completion of the job offer

Once the interview is conducted, and the recruiter is satisfied with the applicant, it's time for the final job offering for the selected one. A person from the human resources management gets in touch with the chosen candidate stating their selection and providing a finalized job offer with all the details related to remuneration. On the other hand, the applicant needs to accept the offer and inform the recruiter about the same through his asked mode. In case the applicant declines the offer, the recruiting process has to start all from the beginning.  

Introduction and induction  

It takes a few moments turning to an employee from just a mere applicant as soon as they accept the offer. The process starts with signing an employment contract and offering a date to take their steps to a job they always dreamt of.  

The industry  

A report from Statistic states that the staffing and recruiting industry is expected to touch a $136.4 billion mark by this year. Therefore, it's using how the industry is booming. Besides, it's also good news for job-seekers, as it's also a sign that the chances to get hired will be phenomenal. However, seeking the perfect recruiting agency might somehow feel like dating as you look around to find the perfect one, get in touch, and try to be your best in the first impression.    

Benefits to be with a good recruiter

  • They keep your search and details private.
  • They are a good source for recommending and referring you to an employer.
  • Give you an idea of where you stand as compared to your fellow candidates.
  • They deliver accurate feedback on your prospects.
  • They advise you on negotiations, preparations, and creating a resume to improve your chances of being on the seat you want to be
  • Even though you don't crack it on the first go, they won't leave your hands and keep you posted with every opportunity as and when available.

Choosing a recruiting agency for jobs/ freelancing business - Is it a viable option?

Indeed, the move to choose an ideal recruiter for your job requirements is a step that will prove its worth. Besides, it saves a lot of your time and effort in the hunt to look out for a job. However, before you reach out, you need to carry a little research on the recruiting agency you wish to choose. Therefore, the initial step before selecting the perfect recruitment agency for yourself is identifying the job role you are suitable for.   

Ask yourself a few questions such as, what kind of a position you're looking for? Are you looking for a permanent or temporary job offer? Which level of expertise do you carry? Once you have the answers for this, you're ready to look out for a recruiting agency to meet your requirements. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while you approach. Mentioned below are some of the ones to consider.  


As mentioned above, it's a wise idea to be prepared with all the answers which a recruiter might ask you. In this way, you will have a clear idea about yourself and your requirements, which ultimately makes the recruiter understand easily and look at something for you with ease.  

Single Resume

Any recruiting agency works with several organizations, which means there will be multiple vacancies from various positions. However, it's suggested that you should be clear about the position you're looking for. Applying for numerous positions simultaneously is not likely to increase your chances of getting hired faster. Instead, it will seem like you are throwing it all towards the wall to see what ends up sticking.  

Be honest

The way you communicate with a recruiting agency should be more like a friend in terms of honesty. By any chance, if you hide any particular information, it will be a difficult situation for both you and the recruiter to get the best possible offers in the long run.  

However, being honest is the best practice as it will help the recruiter understand your salary expectations, past experiences (whether good or bad and why), failures, etc. On the other hand, if you think you're being induced to work for a role with which you aren't comfortable, be honest and say no. Instead, this will open the doors for other related options rather than locking you to do work, which you don't want to.

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