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As the new year of the 21st century has arrived, so has all the new potential job gigs and employers along with it. This means that all the latest job profiles that have arrived in this new are the ones whose employers need people who have gained expertise or mastery in those certain job sections. So naturally, this opens a huge boatload of new opportunities for those who put their hard work into gaining a certain level of expertise in these subjects. But as the most in-demand people for employers are the ones that consist of the knowledge about the needed job profile and the on-field expertise in that subject. For, as much as someone can gain dictionary knowledge about a particular subject, he/she would always be incompetent from a person who has maybe less dictionary knowledge but more on-field experience.  

On-field experience comes from the professional practice of that specific job that you're preparing for. So your next question might be how you could get such type of on-field experience to become the best at your job and create monetary income with it. That's where projects come into the picture. Projects allow you to keep practicing your trade and increase your achievements in your portfolio, along with providing you with monetary income according to your level of expertise.

Importance of experience

Experience is a priceless and a very valuable thing in any and every field of job that there are. This is because experience comes from professional practice. Practice makes sure that anyone that is doing it fails so that he/she can learn from that failure and prepare a better strategy for the next time that any situation like it occurs. In addition, the practice provides experience and creates efficiency as when a thing is done, again and again, the person doing it finds shortcuts and more efficient and faster ways of doing things in a certain way that she prefers to and is comfortable with doing so.  

Experience is also something that lets you save your precious time to deliver the services you're providing before the given deadlines and provide you with more free time to do whatever else you want to. Deadlines are one of the most important things that you need to be careful about as a person who gets things done before deadlines don't just get great reviews but also achieves expertise.

Ways of finding projects to do

No matter how different the job profiles or the field of jobs are, the ways of finding probable clients for freelancers and agencies are quite the same. The main components included in finding an appropriate work project that you're looking for are also very similar in all fields. Some of those similar components include:

  • Learning about the subject of interest and the type of project you or your agency is looking for.
  • Gaining skills on that topic of interest.
  • Creating an impressive portfolio that resonates with the job project that you or your agency is looking for.
  • Finding a platform that is best suitable for finding projects in you or your agency's field of work. The best platforms for freelancers of any field are Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and many more that are similar to these.
  • Rooting for yourself or your agency in front of possible clients to get recruited.

Following all the methods that are stated above can prove to be fruitful for you or the agency that you're looking for. Along with following these methods, doing improvisation for the type of condition you're in is also recommended. Everyone has a different life and a different method of approach that comes along with it.

Finding projects for specific job profiles

Now that the talk about the similar ways of finding a job in any job is finished, let's move on to much more specificity. Many new-age job employees follow these ways of finding a project for them and land an appropriate one for themselves. Some of those jobs and how the people in those job profiles can land a gig are stated below, along with the skills and knowledge required for each one of them.  

The job profiles mentioned below are some of the most popular and in-demand ones, so even if the job you're searching for is not mentioned below, you can follow similar ways and land an appropriate gig for yourself. Now, starting with the job profiles and the ways by which you can land a project for yourself are:

Web development

Web development and management are considered one of the most trending and in-demand jobs that truly started to exist in the IT industries for about a decade or two. That makes it one of the best jobs for anyone who wants to make websites and be a part of builders of the virtual world. The word of demand for web developers is also quite high in the market due to which finding a place in this market would not prove as much hard as in other jobs because they're not many experts.  

Skills to must-have for this job:

  • Understanding of how the website world works, such as how a website is made, published, and monetized. This is an important skill to have in this field of a job, as knowing the basics would only prove to be the foundation of expertise in the future.
  • Imagination. A wide imagination is a must to have in this field of a job as the need to develop a website to the liking of the client or employer is a must. This would also prove to be useful when there is a need to develop a website just from the client's verbal description.
  • Knowing a programming language. Knowing a programming language is a must for developing a website as the main work of a web developer is to code the back-end and front-end of the website. The programming language can be java, python, C++, Ruby, or any other that you or your agency finds themselves comfortable working with.
  • Co-operating. Being cooperative with everyone related to you in developing a website is very important as it will make the job easy to complete and increase the efficiency rates.

After knowing what skill(s) you need to become a web developer, manager, or freelance website developer, now comes the part of how you'll land yourself on projects. Ways by which a web dev can score a gig are:

Building a portfolio website. Building a proper and creative portfolio certainly puts an impression of you or your agency on the client. This follows the phrase, "the first impression is the last impression." Your portfolio website's architecture is your first impression, so make it something that would either please anyone or blow their mind off.

Putting your codes on GitHub. GitHub is the Twitter of coders as, on this platform, all that anyone can see are the codes of the ways by which anyone could make thousands of websites. These codes and website plans are written by various web developers, designers, gamers, and any other IT professional jobholders that you can think of.

Becoming a hackathon participant. Winning hackathons require an intense coding experience, which is unnecessary for a web developer. But holding a certain position in these hackathons can increase your coding experience and increase your employment chances.

Put yourself out. Putting yourself and your skills on display in the IT industry is very important as that is how probable project recruiters see you. This is also the most modern way to gain an advantage over other competitors as you'll expose yourself to a much bigger crowd and hence, get your word around the marketplace.  

Content writing

Content writing and management are among the most in-demand and trending jobs of the current technological era. Content in its most vague dictionary definitions can be described as the process of writing content related to a certain topic that falls under a certain niche. But content writing is much more than that. Anything and everything that is read on the internet is the work of a content writer. A content writer's work mainly includes providing content on a topic in such a way that is neither grammatically incorrect nor hard to read (that depends on your focused crowd).

Skills required to become a content writer:

  • Fluency in the language in which he/she is composing the content. Being fluent in the language that the content will be written in is a compulsion as any sort of logical errors related to not knowing enough about the language can cause difficulty to readers.
  • Knowing proper usage of the grammar of that language. Knowing how to write content without any noticeable grammar mistakes is one of the key roles of a content writer. Reading content with no grammatical mistakes is not only soothing but also very readable and intriguing.
  • About SEO keywords. SEO is the key to design and gain traffic on the internet, and learning how to properly handle and manipulate it through keywords is very helpful for a content writer. SEO keywords are the main secondary main components of any content as they determine the success rate of the content and its management criteria.

Understanding and learning these basic skills are required for every category of writer. After learning these skills, the pursuit of finding a good project to land on starts for a content writer. The ways by which you can score a suitable writing project for yourself are:

  1. Creating your portfolio website. In the case of a content writer, the content contained by his/her website should follow all the rules of grammar and be interesting and intriguing to read. This leaves a good impression on the probable employers and anyone who comes to your websites.
  2. Having sample works to show. Sample works are something that a writer must-have. To show your level of writing, your way with words, your design, and your language fluency, samples are required. Samples demonstrate how you write and that you're sincere towards your trade, and the employers always appreciate that.
  3. Knowing how to pitch cold. Cold pitching is one of the most basic methods of approaching a client who can be yours or your agency's employer. It is a method that starts with the writer directly approaching the client by any means of communication. This is how most writers start their careers.

Data Scientist

Data scientists have existed among the generations for a very long time. The main work of theirs in the previous era was to come out with solutions and conclusions based on his/her observations that were made by noticing the people that he/she lived around. But in the current technological year of the 21st century, data scientists are all about giving their all to read as much data as possible in the topic they are researching to come out with a near-perfect conclusion. The work of the data scientists hasn't changed much, but their work process has changed a lot.  

Some skills that a data scientist must have are:

  • Having the ability to focus. Having focus is not an innate capability but a skill that anyone can gain through hard work. Focus is one of the key skills that a data scientist must have, as reading through a lot of data on a certain topic is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of time and sheer focus.
  • Having the ability to interpret large amounts of data. Data scientists have to research a boatload of data just to come to a certain set of conclusions. Interpreting all this means finding the most efficient ways to handle and group data sets to save time and provide the most reasonable results.
  • Having the ability to distinguish. This amount of data on the internet mostly consists of fake content and no original news source. To prevent interpreting the wrong sets of data and wasting time and gain the best result from the right sets of data, the person must have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong sets of data.
  • Having the ability to read graphs and statistical figures. Most of the studies and the present data are in the form of graphs and figures representing certain units of that data. The ability to analyze this statistical data through the use of certain tools and logic is also one of the key roles of a data scientist.

Learning all those skills will not be easy but will most probably be worth all the hard work in the end. After learning which, the next level would be to take on work projects in the open world. The ways by which a data scientist can find a job are:

  1. Setting up a portfolio website. A portfolio website plays a very crucial part in the play of getting a job. In a data scientist's portfolio website, the main things to be mentioned in it are the previous research or the sample research that he/she has made.
  2. Having a proper set of connections in the IT industry. Having a certain set of connections in the IT field is quite a necessity in the cases of data scientists as the referrals of those who are already holding a position in a company are very useful.
  3. Contributing to the ongoing researches of fellow researchers. This is quite an important task in the way of landing a job. Contributing to another scientists' research not only lets you add one more achievement to your portfolio but also provides you with the title of being experienced. Employers and companies highly refer experienced data scientists.
  4. Cold pitching: Cold pitching is one of the most basic ways beginner data scientists land apt jobs. It is the process in which the applicant communicates with the employer directly. This is a much riskier way of applying as it has many ways of back-firing too.


This technological year of the 21st century has blessed IT with many futuristic job profiles and opportunities. This has changed lives around us so much that the changes are hard to count. But the changes that have been made are proving to be useful in the field of technology all around the world, which eventually leads to the advancement of mankind. Therefore, the jobs profiles mentioned in this article are not only one of the most in-demand jobs of the current year but also the ones that can provide its aspirants with huge gains and new experiences.  

The ways and skills stated above to land a full-time job are the same ones needed to land a freelance part of those respective jobs. The freelance counterparts of the previously mentioned jobs provide the job holder with a complete-time flexible experience. Freelance jobs also allow the freelancer to work at their own will and whenever they want without the pressure of working at someone else's will.

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has been working as a web developer and in online marketing since 1998. After building up a marketing agency and the exit in 2013, he consulted international groups as a freelance consultant. Since 2022, he and his team now offer staffing services in this field.

Dennis Hoinkis CEO, GLOMASTCO Ltd.

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