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The job of a marketing manager

The marketing manager performs many promotional activities for the product or brand to have publicity in public and the minds of consumers. The main goals of a marketing manager are to achieve a good product image and sales growth. A manager is a person who plans, directs, and leads the promotion of a product or brand in all possible fields and through all available channels.

A remote marketing manager can specialize in many areas of business. It can be technology, tourism, medicine, construction. The most important thing is that he knows the products very well for the companies he works for. He is responsible for product development, product promotion, market research, and designing and implementing the campaign.

The manager must know how to get a customer and then how to keep him. As a result, a large number of people in marketing do the work of a remote manager.

Marketing is a complex branch and a complex concept in which many things can be classified.

The future for marketing managers

The marketing manager is constantly improving, learning different things, following trends in his business and on a broader scale.

By achieving successful relationships with most clients and partners, he understands how to turn it into a good profile for the companies and himself.

Many companies want to make as much money as possible, to have as many clients as possible. For these reasons, he must hire a quality team that will contribute to achieving that goal. And professional and remote marketing managers are the people who drive the cash flow in any organization.

Like any business, this one has its director. The Marketing Director manages the entire marketing activity and controls the activities of all marketing managers.

Work experience

It takes some work experience to find a job online and build a career.

The job of a marketing assistant or junior marketing director is an excellent step towards achieving higher goals. Any job that offers experience in sales, market research, and public relations is of great benefit.

A job in marketing also brings in good money. It is necessary to master all the requirements to reach that position. There are many ways to learn this job, and some of them are universities and courses where new skills can be developed.

Education and certificate for work in marketing

A graduate degree is the best type of degree to enter the world of marketing, and a large number of degrees are available to students who want to attend a traditional school or online school. In addition, by moving to a managerial position, the best conditions for a Master or Master of Business Administration (MBA) are obtained. Certification for these programs requires a period of 1 to 2 years.

Types of marketing managers

  • Advertising managers
  • Public relations managers
  • Remote marketing managers
  • Promotion managers
  • Remote brand managers
  • Remote sales managers


Certification is not required in a marketing career, but some professional data is desirable. Certificates show that you are committed to keeping up with changes and innovations in your career field, as well as becoming a qualified professional. Also, by completing some programs, candidates can be given more and more job opportunities.

Responsibilities, qualifications, and skills

The essential segments for working in a company or company are responsibilities, skills, and suitable qualifications.

With a good knowledge of the area, you get better chances. In addition, work implies good skills because, without that, most cannot be done.

Responsibilities of marketing managers:

  • Implementation of marketing programs and plans
  • Analyzing, researching, and monitoring financial, technological, and demographic factors affecting the market
  • Planning and monitoring advertising and promotion
  • Communication with external agencies, authors, and artists
  • Giving recommendations regarding the pricing strategy
  • Implement effective control of marketing results
  • Assessment of market reaction to advertising programs and packaging and product composition
  • Proposing changes
  • Determining reports on marketing activities

Qualification needs for remote marketing

  • 3+ years of experience in digital marketing
  • Execution of paid campaigns on social networks
  • Graduate marketing
  • Knowledge of some video and image processing programs (e.g., Adobe)
  • More jobs at the same time.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Thoroughly knowledge of all social media platforms
  • Easу-problem solving.
  • Knowledge of content management systems
  • Knowledge of several languages ​​is desirable

Skills needed for marketing

  • Excellent communication
  • Business sensitivity
  • Ability to think strategically
  • Design skills for the production of marketing materials for print and online
  • Creativity
  • Skilled eye for detail.
  • analytical skills for evaluating marketing campaigns
  • instinct and self-motivation
  • Flexible networking
  • Work under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge about it and social media networks
  • Computer skills
  • Remote work
  • Attention

Career in marketing

Marketing is a great career option. However, there are many different things in this business.

Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries. This is because the technology was evolving at lightning speed, which led to the fact that marketing had to grow quickly. In addition, merchants use an exciting degree of technology. So you have to be ready to learn new skills.

As everything grows, so does the demand for marketing professionals. The skills in the remote marketing industry are massive. Some data shows that there are not enough people for this job, which explains why many marketing campaigns are not so good. Marketing skills cross boundaries, and with good work, you can work as a remote manager.

Members of the marketing team

eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce Marketing Service draws the attention of Internet users to products offered by online stores through pay-per-click advertisements, search engine optimization, and mail marketing.

Brand marketing business

Brand marketing is essential for creating a forced, recognizable market identity for the companies and products being sold. Assistant brand manager, assistant manager, brand strategy, product manager, search engine, senior brand manager.

Basics with the public

Corporate communications departments use traditional and online marketing tools that do not sell the product but increase visibility and impact on the public, media, partners, and investors. Some of the jobs that fall into this group are the vice president of marketing, director of marketing communications, marketing consultant, director of public relations, and public relations representative.

Market research

Market research is one of the most critical factors for developing all marketing strategies; these jobs require robust and accurate analytical assessments and problem-solving skills. Some of the jobs that fall into this group are Market Research Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Data Marketing Analyst.


Internet advertising has become the most basic form of advertising. Advertising is the most expensive element of marketing, requiring a combination of graphic design, art directors, writers, and media professionals. Some of the jobs are art director, copywriter, creative director, media buyer, media assistant, media researcher, promotion director.

Direct marketing business

A business in which companies approach individual customers. The business is done through telemarketing, sending physical market materials to your homes, or sending targeted emails. Some of the jobs are marketing and promotion manager, marketing assistant, marketing associate, marketing specialist.

Earnings in Marketing Jobs

In all jobs, the higher the degree level, the higher the salary: In some industries, a degree can add from 2,000 to 5,000, while an MBA can add 7,000 to 11,000 depending on the service.

List of jobs and average salaries:

  • Marketing Research Director

Average salary: $109,907

  • Corporate Communications Director

Average salary: $122,054

  • Director of Email Marketing

Average salary: $101,325

  • Director of Digital Marketing

Average salary: $96,040

  • Content Marketing Director

Average salary: $92,854

  • Product Marketing Manager

Average salary: $90,769

  • Demand Generation Manager

Average salary: $79,143

  • Brand Marketing Manager

Average salary: $73,357

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