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The current ongoing 21st century is the one that allows the real world to be the one that was an imagination of people from centuries before us. The meaning of it is that the job opportunities that now thrive could have existed in the centuries before as the conditions would not have allowed them. The internet access, the ability to work from home, and the marketplace of the internet itself just started existing some mere decade or two ago.  

This means that people are getting employed by employers on virtual platforms created on the internet. The advancements have made humanity able to survive and evolve into a species that is not only based on practical labor anymore. Our species are also becoming complete, virtually processing one and abandoning every unrequired physical labor soon.  

Some examples of job profiles that didn't even provide their service about a decade or two ago are web developers, online content editors, content writers, SEO managers, SMM managers, software developers, and many more. This shows how the times have changed and how they will continue to keep changing, whether for good or worse.  

This also indicates that many jobs that existed a decade or two ago have either ceased to exist or got nearly extinct in the market, according to recent information. All thanks to modernization and capitalism, the jobs that didn't even exist before are among the most booming and in-demand ones now.  

Most in-demand jobs

New age jobs are the ones that are the most demanding and growing. This is because not many people working in those industries have the required amount of experience to be called experts by employers instead of professionals. This can be predicted quite easily by one of the most basic principles of economics, which states that the lesser the amount of supply there is, the higher the demand would be. So, here are four of those highly in-demand job profiles stated below:

Web developer

Web development is one of the most booming markets in the market these days. This market has bloomed even more due to the recent epidemic, COVID-19, which forced most workers to work from their homes on their employers' websites through the help of the internet. This made many modernized start-ups successful such as Zoom, Google meets, clubhouse, Amazon, and many more online websites.  

This also did many businesses that used to be the only field-based to become online businesses, which even helped them expand their businesses' reach to many more new customers worldwide. One of the most important helping hands in making such online businesses and start-ups successful was the web developers.  

Roles and duties of a Website dev

The web developers are the ones who complete a website from scratch through many federal resources, such as embedding front-end and back-end codes in a website through the help of a hosting platform. The key roles of a web developer are:  

  • Understanding what kind of business does the website has to be made for. As every website has different tasks to perform in itself, and all websites lie in various categories. Some of those categories of websites are e-commerce websites, entertainment websites, payment portals, government websites, gaming websites, and many more.
  • Providing the website with a domain name chosen by the person who wants to get the website made. Getting a unique domain name so that your business can stand out from others and create a self-sustainable policy. Having a suitable domain name resonates with your website's theme and the services you're providing. Also, because the name of the website will represent it everywhere.
  • Hosting the website through a suitable hosting provider is one of the most important tasks while setting up a website. Hosting the website means giving the bought domain a federal workplace where the visual and functional changes can be made to complete it. These changes include the way a website looks, feels and how it works, and functions.
  • Giving the website its fluent functionality feels. This means that the web developer will set up the website functionality to work in a certain way. This setup includes mainly back-end development in which he/she decides how the functions of the website such as login, password entering, and any other user input functions would work.
  • Giving the website its aesthetic feel includes setting up the website's looks. This setup includes giving the website its animations, graphics, and many more visual characteristics, representing the website in front of the users in any way.

Content writer

Whenever you go to a website and read its content, that is the very work of a content writer. The job of a content writer doesn't just include writing the best content about a certain specified niche but also making sure that anything that he/she writes stands up to the SEO mark.  

What that means is whenever you go to a search engine, such as Google, Amazon, and search for some random thing, every word that the random search consists of would be run through every website that consists of those keywords to provide you with the most suitable websites for your search.  

This also means that when a content writer writes an article or a blog about something, on any topic, the number of keywords that the article would consist of to the article topic would determine the chances of how far up that article will come when a search on those specific keywords would be done on a search engine.  

Rather than that technical part of content writing, the other part is another important part. That other part is writing. If you can't write properly, then you can't provide your service as a content writer, no matter how many keywords you include in your content. The writing part, as easy as it may seem, is not a piece of cake.  

Writing good content means writing so that the reader keeps reading on without getting bored or irritated. Along with that, the writer has to make sure that the written content should not be plagiarized. It means that the content written by a content writer should not be a copy of any other web content that is present online as it can make the writer be held accountable for copyrights infringement, which is a law offense.  

Roles and duties of a content writer

To sum up every other part of the roles and duties of a content writer, here are all of them stated:

  • To write error-free content with minimal to negligible grammar mistakes along with providing valuable information. This means that while writing content, there is no place for mistakes in it. These mistakes include spelling mistakes, voice mistakes (as inactive and passive voices), and many such types of related grammar mistakes. These mistakes make the whole article or blog very absurd and hard to read, due to which it fails to attract the required crowd to it.
  • Makin was sure that it was properly optimized for SEO. This means filling the content with enough keywords related to the article topic for the search engines to display when those certain keywords are searched for.
  • Mention Internal links and references to prevent getting sued for the act of policy copyright infringement by another content copyright holder. This means that mentioning the articles with the help of which you have written your content is important to give them the rightful credit as the content creator. Not mentioning those links or sources in your content will be treated as no less than theft by the law.
  • Making sure to follow the deadlines. This goes for every field of job and this one too. Delivering the content before or on time is one of the best habits that any content writer can have as it allows them to keep their word and a chance to enhance the reviews that they will get from their clients.

Data scientist

Data scientists are the people everyone must have heard about, whether or not they are in the IT sector. This is because data scientists are one of the most leading job holders in the IT sector and for some very good reasons.  

To put it vaguely, data scientists are the ones who read the statistical or theoretical data from a large number of websites to take out an educated guess of a probability on a certain topic. This means that the work of a data scientist is extensive in amount and intense in the normal way of saying.

Data scientists' main work also includes extracting the meaning of a certain set of data and interpreting it into a certain conclusion related to that topic for which the data was extracted in the first place. This not only means that this field of jobs requires a lot of work to be done but also that it takes a lot of precision and focus.  

This precision and focus are the main necessities of this job other than the skills themselves. There is a lot of misleading and false data all over the internet and analyzing the correct data from the false one is quite a boatload of work in itself. Topping onto which, there is a requirement for the sense of choosing the right kind of data.

Roles and duties of a data scientist

With all that you've learned about the job profile of a data scientist, here is a summary to sum up all the roles and duties of a data scientist:

  • Reading all the data related to the organization that he/she is working for to find out the right sets of data and values to interpret. This means that all the data to study on the topic from the given sources should be studied and narrowed down to the most useful part of it.
  • Interpreting the useful data to a conclusion that satisfies and works for the organization. This means that the data that has already been narrowed down to the most useful part of it should be interpreted so that the end product or the conclusion of that interpretation should work in favor of the organization that the data was processed for.
  • Reading the data most efficiently. This refers to the data getting properly analyzed with the help of methods such as identifying patterns and trends, devising a model, and applying it along with an algorithm to mine big data reserves.

Motion graphic designer

One more new job creation of our generation goes with the designation of a motion graphic designer. The job of a motion graphic designer is very similar to the job of a catalyst during a chemical reaction, which is to not interfere in the response itself but increase the efficiency of the working of that reaction and the quality of its product(s).  

This means that a motion graphic designer enhances the back-end and front-end code of a website and gives life to the website itself. A motion web designer gives the website life by adding or enhancing the visual effects, animations, and many other motion-filled aspects of a website.  

But one more role of a motion graphic designer is to create graphics, live video content, animations, and fluid cinematics for use in video and console games, smartphones, laptops, personal computers, web programs, and many more things.

Roles and duties of a motion graphic designer

After all that is told about the job profile of a motion graphic designer in the above paragraphs, it is time to sum it all up. The roles and duties of a motion graphic designer are as follows:

  • Be creative and artistic. Being a motion graphic designer requires that person to play and work along with graphics, animation, and virtual art pieces without any problems and comfortably. This refers to this job holder being able to create or enhance previous art pieces to include them in his/her new works as an original.
  • Being a pro in handling animations. This refers to the job holder being able to have a strong sense of how animation works and make one. This is a must-have requirement for this job field, as animations are one of the most important things that bring life to a website. So, being able to create full-fledged animations is a requirement.
  • Having a good amount of co-operating strength. This is a very important skill for this job as being able to hold a stable connection with back-end or front-end developers is very important. It is required to be this way as having a proper relationship with them allows you to fully work with embedding the animation in between the front-end and back-end codes of the website without causing any problems in the workflow in any of the said both ends of a website.
  • Having a basic knowledge of coding. As it is already said, the motion graphic designer has to make changes in the codes to embed the animation codes properly. Since you would only need to make a certain set of changes to work properly, they need to know a lot about coding is not required, and only a little bit of knowledge about it can do the work.


The 21st century has a lot to offer to all the people seeking a job in the IT sector and will continue to offer the same and even more to these people and others in the foreseeable future. Job profiles such as those mentioned above stand strong in the field of the IT sector in the current state and would probably keep doing so for the years to come.  

After reading all these job profiles, hopefully, you must have gained some in-depth knowledge about what you want to pursue in life. And if that pursuit includes any one of the above state job profiles, then make sure to fulfill all the boxes of conditions stated with them. No matter which job profile you're preparing to achieve, make sure to be consistent with its practice and don't let any weak spot left behind ruin all your preparations and efforts.

Read and understand the necessities of the job profile that you're pursuing to beat the competition. Even in the IT sector, the job opportunities in any sector are endless, due to which the only limit is sky for anyone looking for a job in the new age sectors. Jobs such as web developer, content writer, data scientist, and motion graphic designers are thriving for people experienced in these fields of job due to them being not very old in the marketplace.

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